A cocktail for your mother.


Have you called your mom yet? If you have not already done it, take the phone and call right away. Dwayne Rock Johnson prepared a gift for Mother’s Day and shared the recipe with you. Therefore, you have a chance to make this day more pleasant. On his Instagram page, he posted a cocktail recipe and offers to prepare it for all mothers, well, or for yourself.

This cocktail is easy to make, and you need only four ingredients. Therefore, first, read carefully, and prepare a cocktail. And so you will need two ounces of Teremana Small Batch Tequila Blanco, one ounce of lime juice, half an ounce of agave nectar, and fruits or berries that your mom likes.

Take all the ingredients and put in a shaker, then beat them for a few seconds. It is all, your cocktail is ready, pour it into a beautiful glass with ice. That’s all, your mom will be delighted with such beauty.

Recall that Dwayne is a co-founder of Teremana. Tequila production takes place in ecologically clean areas in the Mexican Highlands. In the process of making tequila, only high-quality agave is used, which is collected manually. It is worth noting that the whole process of agave preparation for tequila is manual, which makes this drink so high-quality.

Dwayne believes that despite the complex process, the final product is worth the cost.

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