The influence of alcohol on the quality of sex.


Many people try to solve their problems with the help of alcohol. As a rule, they use alcohol to become bolder, and more relaxed. Alcohol helps them feel confident with their sex partners, and therefore alcohol takes up a large part of some people’s lives. Unfortunately, they do not want to see that alcohol does not help them improve their lives, including sex, it dulls emotions and the person misjudges the situation.

For some people, alcohol is a way that helps to remove all inhibitions, and they hope that the quality of sex will be significantly higher.

This myth has existed for centuries and people have resorted to this way to relax all over the world. Alcohol affects sexual activity, changing it for the worse. Therefore, alcohol in large quantities leads to dissatisfaction in sex. During severe intoxication, a person loses sensitivity, and his reaction changes, which leads to a deterioration in sexual activity.

If you are interested in learning about the effects of alcohol on sex then read this article and find out what effect alcohol has on men and women.

The effect of alcohol on women’s feelings during sex.
Scientists have conducted some studies and found that large doses of alcohol cause numbness in the genitals of women, and they more likely do not reach orgasm. A small dose of alcohol, though, can help a woman relax and get aroused. After drinking a glass of wine a woman feels more attractive and sexy, these feelings help her to forget about the embarrassment and be relaxed during sex. This should take into account the individual reaction to alcohol.
In the course of studies, women admitted that a small dose of alcohol helped them get more pleasure from sex, while a large dose prevented them from reaching orgasm. Alcohol reduces the sensitivity of a woman’s genitals, and the lubricant is not produced in sufficient quantities, which can cause pain during sex.

Also, a woman under the influence of large amounts of alcohol neglects safety, which can lead to sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned pregnancy.

Impact of alcohol on men.
During the research, scientists found that alcohol affects men and women in almost the same way. Under the influence of alcohol, a man can be courageous and persistent, but during intercourse, the sensitivity of his genitals decreases and he cannot reach orgasm. Also, alcohol abuse can lead to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and loss of libido.

Some men, under the influence of alcohol, can become aggressive and uncontrollable during sex, which can lead to violent actions towards their partner. Also, during alcohol intoxication, safety fades into the background, and the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease increases significantly.

Alcohol affects everyone differently, but excessive consumption affects the ability to make correct and safe decisions. Therefore, if you are planning to take alcohol at any event, you must establish some rules for yourself to protect yourself from unwanted sex or to prevent bad sex.

  • You should know your alcohol limit and never go over it.
  • Take a condom.
  • Do not force anyone to have sex.

Alcohol can be both an aide and an enemy of quality sex. It all depends on how much you drink and your reaction to it. Therefore, if you want to give and have good sex, do not abuse alcohol before sex and drink it no more than once a week. Frequent alcohol consumption harms your health, and it affects the quality of your entire life, including your sexual one.

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