All that you need to know about the benefits of plums for your health.


When we plan our diet according to the principles of healthy nutrition, we often forget about such a healthy product as plums. They are saturated with a large number of minerals, which affect the functioning of various body systems positively. The antioxidant found in plums removes bad cholesterol from your body, and also prevent the destruction of cells that are attacked by free radicals. In this case, plums can be consumed both fresh and dried. According to Carla Shuit, a nutritionist at Northwestern Medicine in Winfield, plums are a low-calorie product, and therefore they do not increase blood sugar. Even people suffering from diabetes can consume them. The calorie content of plums is only 46 kcal per 100 g. If you eat three plums per day, then replenish your vitamin C supply by 30% of your daily intake. Also, along with plums, you provide yourself with vitamins such as A and K. As we know, these vitamins play a major role in blood coagulation and affect immunity.

Phenolic compounds found in dried plums provide bone mineral density. Therefore, if you want to have strong bones, eat plums every day in the form that suits you and brings pleasure.

There is a sufficient amount of isatin and sorbitol in plums. As you know, these components improve digestion and maintain intestinal health. You can eat fresh or dried plums as a preventative measure for constipation. Also, a good option for consuming plums is stewed fruit and juices with the pulp. They, like fruits, have a gentle laxative effect, and doctors recommend them for people with constipation and intestinal atony.

Such a mild cleansing effect is due to the high content of fibers in the plums, which are called inulin. These fibers are not absorbed by the body and exit through the intestines. Thus, plums remove excess substances from your body, while affecting your weight, blood sugar and cholesterol.

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