Large breasts can cause some problems.


Many women experience some discomfort with breast size. As a rule, those with small breasts dream of a larger size. They do not suspect that large breasts can cause many problems. Unfortunately, women who have large breasts experience pain and discomfort every day. Therefore, if you are thinking of a significant increase in breast size, you should think carefully about everything.

Doctors talk about the problems women with large breasts face and what can be done in this case.

Large breasts put stress on the spine of its owner. Therefore, it can lead to poor posture and back problems. The muscles in the back are under constant tension to support the spine for balance. Thus, the muscles in the back are overstressed, which causes poor circulation in this area and causes pain. Women with large breasts cannot hold their backs for exactly a long time, so they begin to slouch, which affects their gait and position of the spine.
Many women with large breasts have spinal curvatures, an increased risk of osteochondrosis, heart and lung disease.
Choice of lingerie.
Women with large breasts are limited in their choice of lingerie. Unfortunately, lingerie manufacturers focus on the product for small breasts. They offer beautiful, sophisticated lingerie for them, while oversized women try to find something suitable. In addition, options for underwear for large breasts are much more expensive. Every woman wants to have comfortable and beautiful lingerie. Therefore, in the last few years, designers have paid attention to the problem of women with large breasts. They try to create beautiful and comfortable lingerie with the right straps that don’t dig into the skin under the weight of the chest.
Unfortunately, large breasts do not allow their owners to engage in some sports. Running, jumping, and other intensive exercises can cause discomfort. Sometimes the right sports underwear can reduce the level of discomfort. But not all women can find a solution to this problem, so they abandon this kind of workouts.
Personal care.
Even good hygiene cannot help a woman with large breasts get rid of problems such as rashes and inflammation between or under the breasts. In these areas, excessive sweating occurs, which leads to skin problems. Summer is the most difficult period for such women.
Too much attention.
Lush breasts evoke gazes from both men and women. It’s an unpleasant feeling when people are staring at you. Men who pay attention to you are primarily interested in breasts and not look at you as a person.

Plastic surgery offers a radical method for breast reduction. Although doctors warn that if you want to have breast reduction surgery, you must know the implications of this decision. For women who are planning pregnancy and breastfeeding, such operations are prohibited. Also, such an operation increases the risk of various complications in the future, which can lead to the complete removal of the breast.

Doctors recommend that owners of large breasts take care of their health to use affordable and effective methods that will reduce the level of discomfort. They give several tips to help ease the proportion of women with a large size, namely: diet, massage, exercise, beauty treatments.

Diet can help if large breasts are a consequence of weight gain. Typically, breasts shrink with weight loss because they are made up of fat. Thus, if you eliminate all unhealthy foods and balance your diet, your breasts will shrink in place with your entire body.

Exercise can lift your breasts and give them firmness. It also strengthens your back, shoulders, and lower back, which help support your chest. If you have back problems, you should practice swimming, which strengthens your back and shoulder muscles.

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