An open marriage: to use or not.


Probably, most of you think of romance when talking about marriage or relationships without formalization. Relationships take many different forms, but open marriage has little romance for most of you. But, modern society is beginning to accept this kind of relationship, and many couples claim that they are quite happy with this and that they feel happier in an open relationship.

Marriage has changed over the centuries, and today it has very different characteristics than it did 200 years ago. For most people, however, marriage remains a human agreement for respect, loyalty, and love. Therefore, the concept of open marriage is perceived with skepticism.

By entering into relationships people expect to receive emotional and physical satisfaction. But, as life shows, many people do not get everything they dreamed of in a relationship. Some of you find yourself in a stressful situation when you try to please your partner, but all your efforts do not bring the desired results. Thus, in a couple, problems, mutual reproaches, and nervous breakdowns are too often. Expectations that are too high from a partner lead to deep disappointment.

It may sound trite, but the most common problem in a couple is sexual frustration. Finding satisfaction on the side leads to big problems, and many couples break up because of this. Society perceives betrayal as a vice and condemns a partner who decides to take such a step.

Psychologists and sexologists might say that many problems can be solved through therapy and frank conversation. But, unfortunately, people are afraid to admit their intimate desires to their partner or do not find support and understanding. Suppressing your desire leads to psychological problems. Therefore, many go to treason and seek to satisfy their needs. But, this path has another side. The second parterre feels a betrayal that inflicts too much pain on him.

How can you find a way out of this situation?

Some couples use an open relationship. They establish certain rules that help them maintain love and respect despite sexual relations with other people.

Open marriage is suitable for polygamous people. It is difficult for such people to be satisfied with only one sexual partner, while they can sincerely love and be emotionally attached to one partner. Each couple chooses the nature of their relationship and if this suits both partners, then the opinion of society should not bother them.

The level of openness depends on the partners, and they set the boundaries themselves. For some, it is flirting, and for someone, it is sexual relations.

But if your relationship has serious problems, then changes in the form of open marriage are unlikely to help you. The relationship between partners is a complex process that cannot be saved by solving only sexual problems.

If you like the idea of an open marriage, this does not mean that your partner will accept it with the same enthusiasm as you.

Taking this step requires deliberation, and you should study this topic deeper. Read books that cover this topic or learn about the experiences of other people who have open relationships. They will be able to tell you about the pros and cons of this type of relationship, and you will be able to make decisions based on facts.

Relationship experts say that a couple who decide to enter into an open marriage faces some problems that can be solved with a simple conversation.

Before making a decision, discuss with your partner your fears and concerns about this type of relationship. You must understand that your life will change and at first you will experience discomfort and anxiety. But, if you follow your rules, then this relationship will be happy for you.

At first, you may feel jealousy and pain at the thought that your partner has a relationship with someone other than you. Tell your partner about this, and together you can find a way to calm you down. You need to know how your partner can show love for you and talk about it.

Perhaps talking with a professional can help you deal with your fears and jealousy.

But, if you both clearly understand all the benefits of an open marriage and know why you need it, then you can overcome all obstacles and establish the rules that will make your relationship happy. The main task of marriage is to satisfy the needs of both partners. Therefore, look for the path that will bring you happiness and do not pay attention to the opinions of others.

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