Barre fitness: everything you need to know


If you want to make your shape more fit and have a beautiful relief, but do not like workouts with weights in the gym, then you have a chance to achieve excellent results with a new type of workout – barre fitness. Even though this is a quite young type of training, hundreds of studios have appeared in New York and Los Angeles that offer you to master this type of physical activity. This type of fitness has become popular thanks to the Victoria’s Secret Angels who use it.

Barre fitness appeared thanks to the German ballerina Lotte Berk. Once after a spinal injury, she realized that she needed a special set of exercises that would help keep her body in great shape and improve her condition of the spine. Realizing that this is a very effective way to keep the body in great shape, Lotte shared her development with the world.
Many Hollywood actresses use this method today and believe that it is the best training method that allows you to stay young and beautiful without exhausting workouts with heavyweights.

Barre fitness is a combination of ballet and strength exercises. This combination gives enough stress on the deep muscles, which make beautiful relief to your body. Also, this type of training uses a different range of motion and statics. As a result, you get an unusual load on the muscles in your body, which you have never known before.

You can make your barre workout quite varied by using new exercises or combinations of them each time. The barre method includes over 140 types of exercises that are combined especially.

Some exercises require the use of simple sports equipment such as 1-2 kg dumbbells, balls, and fitness bands. The most important part of your workouts is the ballet barre that every studio has. But, if you are using a home barre workout, you can use a chair instead of a barre.

Many athletes refuse this type of training, thinking that it is an ineffective one. It is a misconception because it helps you burn about 400 calories per hour of exercise. At the same time, barre training puts a load on the muscles, provoking their growth and strengthening.

At the same time, like any training, barre requires regularity to get a positive result. Even if you train once a week, you will benefit from not skipping a workout.

Barre fitness changes your body by straightening your posture, making your muscles more expressed, reducing weight, and giving you a surge of strength and energy. This workout is especially suitable for women who do not even have a pumped-up body with big muscles. Barre workout makes your figure feminine and fit.

Despite using exercises from ballet, the barre method is not like ballet. The main difference between the barre method and ballet is the deep load on all muscle groups in one lesson due to a precise training structure and the use of specific exercises and types of load.

Barre workouts are suitable for people of all ages. Even if you have health problems, the trainer can choose the right load for you, understanding your physical possibility. But even though most barre exercise is safe, you should consult your doctor about exercise options. Also, barre method trainers do not recommend training on an empty stomach, so eat some food 40 minutes to an hour before a workout. You will need a lot of strength and energy.

You don’t have to give up other workouts for the barre. You can use your regular workout and barre on different days. This way helps you achieve high results faster. A variety of workouts does not allow your body to adapt to the load, making it healthier and stronger.

All you need to practice barre is your desire, socks, and comfortable sportswear.

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