Best Bourbons Under $50 That Are an Incredible Bargain


It’s not hard to find good bourbons these days, but you may have to be prepared to pay some hefty price tags to get your hands on the best stuff. With Pappy prices through the roof, other cult hits going mainstream due to award recognition, and our big mouths ruining the secrets for everyone, the whiskey gems (especially those in the under $50 range) don’t stay hidden for long.

Recently we’ve collected some great bargain bottles at the $25-and-under price point, but there’s another bracket under $50 that’s secretly laden with tons of incredible bottles. Once you get closer to the $50 price point, it’s a bigger financial risk to try something new. That $50 could buy two bottles of some of our favorite bargain bourbons after all, so to justify the extra expense the premium bottle should meet higher standards. Normally, we expect an age statement after $30, though there are good exceptions to consider.

Our advice? Get to shopping before they disappear.

20 Best Bourbons Under $50

A bottle of Buffalo Trace Bourbon
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1. Buffalo Trace Bourbon

There’s arguably no better bourbon on the market in terms of price and value than Buffalo Trace’s flagship whiskey. Adorned with a majestic buffalo, this popular bourbon is a must-have for your home bar or bar cart. With its notes of caramel corn, butterscotch, rich oak, dried fruits, and light spices, it’s the kind of value bourbon (usually selling for half the $50 maximum of this list) that you’ll always want on hand. The best deal in the bourbon world.


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