Effects of aromas on appetite


While many people look for the ideal diet for weight loss, scientists research eating habits that affect digestion and appetite. They are trying to find out what factors cause hunger, and how you can control it.
Studies have shown that the smell and color of food affect appetite. However, some aromas can regulate the urge to eat. Therefore, if you want to control your appetite and not pass it over, you can use essential oils for this purpose.

Floral fragrances.
Many studies show that the most potent scent that can suppress appetite is the scent of the rose. This smell penetrates the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the feeling of hunger. Lavender, jasmine has a calming effect, which has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Vanilla smell.
The vanilla aroma creates a false sense of fullness and satisfaction from baking. This aroma helps with the urge to eat something sweet.
Also, aromas such as mint, citrus, fruity can affect your brain and appetite. Therefore, use these fragrances if you want to lose weight.

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