BMX Legend Scotty Cranmer Tells His Inspirational Story in ‘The Road 2 Recovery’


Professional BMXer Scotty Cranmer is a man with a truly remarkable story. With a competitive track record including multiple X Games gold medals (he’s tied with Dave Mirra for most BMX Park X Games medals, with nine), several Dew Tour wins, and too many other accolades to mention here, Cranmer is not only a beast in the competitive arena, but his freestyle street clips will boggle your mind. And on Wednesday, the Road 2 Recovery Foundation released a brand-new 9-minute episode of their new docu-series featuring Cranmer.

Hooked at an early age, he started racing bikes at age 8, and then began freestyle BMX at the age of 13. He got his first real BMX bike for Christmas in 1994—from the same local bike shop in New Jersey that he currently owns—and he’s been shredding the park and the streets ever since.

In October of 2016, Cranmer suffered a devastating spinal injury in Las Vegas while filming a session with his friends. He sustained a cerebral hemorrhage, several facial fractures, and damaged his C4 and C5 vertebrae. He wasn’t expected to ever walk again.

Since then, Cranmer has teamed up with the Road 2 Recovery Foundation—an organization that helps injured athletes get back to doing what they love the most. And with boatloads of dedication, drive, and passion, Cranmer has gotten himself back on his feet.

With his wildly popular YouTube channel (which currently has over 1.5 million subscribers) Cranmer and his buddies document everything from silly shenanigans to Scotty getting back on the bike and back to his passion.

If you’re looking for a truly inspirational story to stoke you out in the latter half of the workweek, well, we’ve got just what you need. Press play and experience the Scotty Cranmer story.

You can also donate to the Road2Recovery Foundation and help athletes like Cranmer get back in the saddle.

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