Face skincare in the cold season.


Most of you pay attention to changing clothes when the seasons change and the arrival of cold weather. However, you can neglect skincare in the winter. This attitude towards the skin can lead to negative consequences for its health.

The change of season affects your life and the functioning of all your body’s systems, including your skin. The sebaceous glands produce less subcutaneous fat during the cold season. Also, heating the premises contributes to dry air, which disrupts the hydrolipid balance of the skin, reduces its protective barrier. All these factors lead to inflammatory processes on the skin and deterioration of its condition. You may have noticed that with the start of cold weather, your skin begins to peel off, redden, itching and other uncomfortable symptoms may appear. Typically, these symptoms indicate dehydration of the skin.

Plus, your hormonal system responds to the seasons, which is reflected on your skin.

You can avoid the negative effects of the changing seasons if you use the right skincare.

Your skin needs more gentle cleansing and care during the cold season. Use cosmetics that help restore and maintain the natural moisture balance of your skin. Winter skincare includes the basic steps of daily skincare. You should use cleansing, toning, day, and night cream. In doing so, you must use cosmetics suitable for winter care. Do not use the same cream in winter and summer. The needs of the skin are different in each season, so you must meet them with different cosmetics.

Beauticians urge you to ditch cleansers that contain alcohol and switch to “mild” products without alcohol. You can contact your beautician to find you additional cosmetic products such as serums, masks, oils. Plus, your hands and lips also need extra care in winter, so use hand cream and lip balm. It is important not to forget about hand cream and lip balm in cold weather.

As you have already understood, you must change your cosmetic products drastically. Although, one tool should be in your cosmetic bag all year round. It is sunscreen. Many of you think that protection from the sun’s rays is needed only in summer, but frost is often accompanied by the sun, the ultraviolet rays of which do not lose their activity even in winter. Consider the individual characteristics of your skin and choose cosmetics that meet its needs.

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