Body scrub use: more harm or benefit.


Beautiful and soft skin is the dream of every girl and woman. They use various means to make their skin softer and more beautiful. Modern cosmetology offers a large number of products and procedures for your skincare. But, you must understand that the key to the health of your skin is proper cleansing, nutrition, and hydration. Today we want to tell you about one of the stages of caring for your body skin. In this article, we draw your attention to the use of body scrubs. At the same time, according to dermatologists and cosmetologists, the use of face scrub is undesirable, but for the body, it is a good option for cleansing your skin. Using scrubs allows you to get rid of dead skin cells. After this procedure, the skin becomes soft and tender.

Moreover, we want to give you good news. If you don’t want to spend money on expensive beauty scrubs, you can make your own at home using simple ingredients. But, please note that some natural ingredients can make you allergic. Therefore, test them on a small area of your body before applying them.

Also, experts recommend using scrubs infrequently and with caution. Despite the positive effect of scrubs on the skin of the body, they can do harm it. Therefore, before you start using a scrub, carefully study all the pros and cons of using a body scrub.

Useful properties of a body scrub.
Skin scrubbing is a mechanical peeling that affects only the upper layer of the epidermis. The scrub is not able to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, so it cannot damage it. Despite the gentle effect, frequent use of scrubbing can have negative effects on the skin. Therefore, you should use the scrub no more than 1 time per week, and if you have dry and sensitive skin, then you had better refuse such a procedure and use another way for cleaning your skin. The scrub contains large particles that, if rubbed, can cause microcracks. They tend to heal quickly, but dry skin can suffer more.

If you are sure what is right for your skin, then using it will help you unclog pores, remove old dead cells, and give oxygen access to your skin cells. Regular use of the scrub makes your skin firm, supple and soft. The right scrub enhances the scrubbing effect, and you get amazing results for little money.

Disadvantages of a scrub for your skin.
The big disadvantage of scrubs is the presence of small solid particles in their composition. Their task is to exfoliate dead cells and cleanse the skin. But, these particles are very hard and rough, therefore they make micro-scratches on your skin. If you use the scrub more often than 1-2 times a week, your skin does not have time to heal and this leads to serious consequences. As a result, you can get inflammation of your skin, loss of its elasticity, and disruption of the process of cell regeneration.

Our skin can cleanse itself, and if you interfere with its natural process often, then it loses this ability. Thus, your skin becomes dependent on cosmetic cleansing procedures.

Also, you should know that scrubs cannot be used before going out, as your skin is devoid of a protective layer, and the sun’s rays penetrate its layers without hindrance. This way you can acquire pigmentation. Therefore, choose the right time for the procedure.

Scrub selection rules.
The choice of scrub depends on your skin type. Therefore, before buying this cosmetic product, you should familiarize yourself well with its composition. If your skin is tender and thin, then you’d better avoid apricot kernel or nut scrubs. They contain large hard microparticles that roughly affect the skin. Therefore, you had better use scrubs with polymer or wax granules. They gently scrub the skin without scratching it.

Also, a salt-based scrub is a taboo product for those with sensitive skin. These scrubs are suitable for oily skin, as salt has a drying effect.

Some rules of using scrub.
The scrub is applied to damp and steamed skin. Therefore, the best time to use the scrub is after a dish or sauna. This way the scrub gets into the pores of your skin more easily and cleanses them. Also, steamed skin lends itself to scrubbing better without a traumatic effect.
Apply the scrub all over your body and gently massage it all over your body. Please note that you do not need to rub vigorously, such movements can damage the skin. Do not press hard on the skin, your movements are light and firm. The scrubbing procedure takes 5-10 minutes, after which you should rinse the scrub from your body under running water. After drying your skin with a towel, you can apply nourishing body cream.

If you use the scrub correctly and do not violate the rules for its selection and use, then you will get a healthy and elastic body.

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