Choose the HIIT workouts that are right for you.


For many years, HIIT training has been a leader among the most effective types of training that help bring your body to good shape in a short time. These interval workouts take place in high-intensity mode and, in addition to burning fat, help you develop strength and endurance. There are many options for building an intense workout so that it is effective for you and you are not bored. The main news is that at HIIT you can do the kind of workout you like the most. Some people prefer to use special simulators such as an exercise bike, while others prefer training in the fresh air. Also, interval training can be built using additional weights or with your own body weight. Although interval training lasts from 20 to 30 minutes, they are very effective.

No matter what type of HIIT training you are vibrating, you need to do the exercises very quickly and intensively. Many trainers agree that short workouts at an intense pace very well affect the physical shape of the body and burn fat much faster than other types of workouts.
One of the basic rules for performing HIIT workouts is to be mindful of the quality of the workout. Sometimes people focus on speed, forgetting the right exercise technique. This is a direct route to injury. Therefore, watch how you do the exercise and only then do it at maximum speed for yourself.
So that you do not waste time, you are invited to familiarize yourself with some of the plans that are used by the best trainers. Which of them you choose depends on the goals that you pursue at the level of your physical preparation level.

5-minute complex with your body weight.
During this complex, trainers recommend alternating some squats, half-burpees, push-ups and full burpees.
Do five times each exercise, and then repeat a few laps. This workout is very suitable as a warming up, but you can use it as well as the main workout.

Full Met-Con Workout.
This workout is ideal for those who want to load the whole body in one workout.
Begin full functional training by warming up all the muscles and joints. This will prevent their injury.
To do this, you just need to do three exercises – shin taps, jumping jacks, walk out to plank. Each of them you do for 30 seconds.

After these 1.5 minutes, you will feel how your heart works faster and the process of burning fat begins.

After that, you proceed to the main training, which is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the whole body. To do this, you will need exercises such as dumbbell goblet squat, dumbbell seated shoulder press, kettlebell swings or romanian kettlebell deadlift. You do each exercise for 45 seconds and then repeat three circles.

After the main circle, you use the row for a minute and proceed to the final part, which is aimed at increasing blood circulation and burning fat.

And this is everyone’s favorite Tabata. We do such exercises as a climber and burpees for 20 seconds, and between them rest for 10 seconds. We repeat these four circles and can safely go to the shower. Today’s workout is over.

Beginner Assault Bike HIIT Workout
If you are just starting to play sports or have immense joint problems when jumping cannot be used, then you can train using the HIIT system on Assault Bike. You pedals of Assault Bike at a maximum speed of about 80% for 20 seconds, and the next 40 seconds at a normal pace. And so you work 10 minutes and then rest 3 minutes. After resting, you move on to the second round. This workout will take only 23 minutes, but you will already see its effectiveness in a few weeks.

HIIT Workout for intermediate level.
If you are already familiar with sports, maybe you go to the gym for several months or do at home, then a more difficult level will suit you. For this, running on the system 5-10-15 plus high-plank burpees during 1 minute is suitable for you. Repeat this circle as much as you want, but do not forget to take a break for 1 minute between circles.

Advanced workout.
This training is suitable for those who regularly exercise and are ready for serious stress. Here you can use additional weights that will make your workout even more intense.
You do burpee broad jump one minute and front squat the next minute. Then, over the next 20 minutes, you alternate between these exercises doing each of them for one minute.

These few workout options can be like an example, but you can also come up with your own workout with the main idea of HIIT.

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