Christmas: a time for love and forgiveness.


Merry Christmas, to all of you.
Christmas comes regardless of the economic, epidemiological, or ecological situation in the country. Christmas lives in your hearts. 2020 has brought many challenges to each of you, but Christmas is the time when you can open your hearts to hope and happiness. It’s time to analyze your life and give thanks for everything you have. Plus, Christmas is a great opportunity to think about relationships. This bright holiday reminds you of some things that you should always remember and be grateful for them.
Christmas gives us some lessons and teaches us to be grateful for life and appreciate every moment.

Important lessons you learn at Christmas.

Happiness is near.
The bustle of Christmas reminds us of the importance of life, the value of relationships, and God. Everyone stops for a moment to look at the beautiful Christmas garlands, festive showcases, and at this moment your heart is filled with joy and hope. It is happiness. Such simple things can create happiness. Thus, Christmas shows you that you can be happy every day if you learn to create beauty around you. This skill will help you focus your attention on the good things in your relationship, and it will begin to change for the better.

Christmas reminds you of gratitude for everything in your life. Learning to be grateful improves relationships with the people around you and increases your satisfaction in life. Christmas is a great day to write a thanks list. Give thanks for even the smallest events and meetings in your life. Gratitude strengthens your energy and improves your emotional state.

Time for forgiveness.
Christmas is the time for forgiveness. Forgive yourself first of all. You are accustomed to the need to forgive the people around you if they brought you pain. But, the first step to happiness is forgiving yourself. You are too demanding of yourself and unknowingly punish yourself for every little offense. Therefore, free your heart from resentment, and you will feel lightness and happiness. Forgiveness opens your heart to love and joy.

Get rid of unrealistic expectations.
Modern society has imposed a stereotype on you that Christmas is a time of gifts. And you expect your partner to surprise you and give you something unusual and expensive, or create an amazing evening for you. As a result, both partners are under stress because they do not what they want but what society requires of them. Unrealistic expectations are a sure way to get depressed because you have no control over a person’s circumstances or behavior. Such expectations only lead to disappointment. You should remember that Christmas is a chance to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company. Enjoy every minute of your time together.

Belief in a miracle.
Christmas has a mysterious atmosphere. And regardless of your age, each of you has an exciting feeling of approaching a miracle. Do not deny this feeling and let it live in your heart. After all, you believed in Santa Claus as a child. Every Christmas has been a miracle for you. Growing up, you became more cynical and forgot about it. But, your heart needs faith in a miracle. You should allow yourself to be a child during these holidays.

Christmas makes you think about all these little traditions and fill your life with light and love. You can keep the holiday spirit all year long. Rejoice every day, stay happy, believe in a miracle, and be kind, and your life will be filled with happiness. Do not forget to thank yourself, family, partners. You can improve your life by practicing gratitude and forgiveness. If you are single and celebrating Christmas alone, enjoy the time with yourself. It’s time for a miracle, and maybe Santa is preparing a surprise for you that you will receive if you learn to enjoy life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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