Consequences of insufficient physical activity.


Physical inactivity shortens life expectancy and reduces its quality significantly. Scientists are confident that a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than obesity. That being said, they claim that walking for half an hour daily can improve your condition for years to come.

Many studies show that an active lifestyle can help prolong your life and make your body healthier. Recent studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle quality to smoking and alcohol in terms of danger.

Scientists have found that physical inactivity or lack of physical activity is the cause of almost 8% of deaths and non-communicable diseases on the planet.

Also, scientists are confident that only a variety of physical activities prolong your life. If you only have an hour’s workout three times a week, and the rest of the time you sit, it is not enough. Household activity is just as important to your body as exercise.
Also, if you use just one kind of workout you get the minimal benefit. Create a varied workout schedule to include strength, cardio training, stretching, yoga, and more. Your body needs a good quality load. If you are only running and not using strength training, your muscles are not getting the nourishment they need. They do not work and begin to decrease in volume. This is a dangerous process for your health because important biological processes take place in the muscles.
The International Health Organization recommends exercising for at least 150 minutes if you do it at an average pace. High-intensity workouts can be at least 80 minutes per week. Anything below is insufficient exercise
Scientists are confident that physical activity is the best way to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Plus, research results show that exercise improves mental health.

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