Coronavirus has made adjustments to the schedule of sports events.


Coronavirus penetrates all spheres of human life. Small and big business suffers losses. Premieres of films and performances are canceled. The learning process in most countries has been suspended. Now the coronavirus has introduced corrections into the sports world. After a coronavirus was detected in several NBA players, the leadership of this league decided to suspend the 2019-2020 season. The restoration of the games will depend on the situation with the coronavirus in the country.

According to the statement of representatives of the NBA, the games are temporarily stopped and this break will be used to decide on the fate of the next games.

Recall that according to ESPN, players from Utah Jazz, Rudi Hubert, and Donovan Mitchell were confirmed to be diagnosed with coronavirus. In this regard, all sporting events in the main league were suspended for an indefinite period. The National Hockey League, the Major League of Baseball and the Major League of Football announced this on their official pages on social networks. Student basketball meetings were canceled to prevent the spread of coronavirus among players and fans.

Unlike other organizations, the PGA Tour decided not to cancel the season, but to conduct games without fans.

Initially, the NBA and other leagues also planned to hold games without fans, but after coronavirus was detected in some players, it was decided to suspend the games.

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