Dancing is a great way to be healthy.


Do you like to dance but looking for an excuse to do it? If you want to dance  you don’t have to go to a dance club. You can do it when you want and use it as a workout. Imagine having fun and burning calories at the same time.

Dance workout acts on your body like cardio workout and makes your heart work faster. Also, some dances develop coordination, flexibility, or strength in your body.

A fun half-hour workout will help you burn 250 calories. Therefore, if you do not like to run or do not have this opportunity, use dancing as an aerobic workout.

For your workout to bring you pleasure and benefit to your body, decide on the type of dance that you will use. You can use several types by alternating them during a week or one workout. The type of dance depends on your goal. If you want to improve your flexibility then you should use Bellydance. If you want to burn excess fat, then choose hip hop or other intense dancing. Some types of dance, such as ballet, builds your muscle strength.

After you have decided on the dance style, find a teacher who will teach you how to correctly perform all the movements in the dance. You can join a dance class or find online courses. You need a mentor, as this will help you master the dance faster and get the most out of it.

Dance workout allows you to choose an intensity that is comfortable for you. A bonus of dance training is brain training. Learning dance moves and their combination makes your gray matter move.

Please note that all of your muscles work during training. Even though the main load is on the lower part of your body, the spine, shoulders, arms, and abdomen take an active part in the dance and receive the necessary load.

Any dance develops the mobility of your joints, flexibility, and endurance.

Dance is a great workout for your heart. You develop endurance and energize.

Dance training does not put a lot of stress on your joints and spine, so if you have problems with the musculoskeletal system, then you can use dancing as your main training. But you should choose the type of dance which suits for you. Your choice depends on the level of your health. If you have some chronic illnesses or inflammation of joints, you should choose low-impact dancing.

Also, if you have cardiovascular disease or diabetes, you should consult your doctor about the risks and benefits of dance training for you.

There are very few contraindications to dancing, but they exist and you must take them into account. Pregnant women can dance too, but use low-intensity forms of dancing.

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