Do you want to have a happy relationship? Focus on yourself.


Each of you wants to love and be loved. Therefore, you are looking for a partner and consider yourself a failure if you have no relationship. Many people agree to have a relationship with a partner that is not suitable for them to avoid loneliness. Such a relationship cannot bring happiness. Therefore, psychologists recommend not being afraid of loneliness and using this time to find harmony. Each of you has situations when you need to focus on yourself and for a while give up looking for a soul mate.

Social media imposes the idea of ​​having a partner to be happy. If someone has no relationship, it becomes a tragedy. Looking at beautiful photos of happy couples, people begin to compare their lives with them and get a sad result. They begin to urgently look for a partner without even understanding what they want. How often do you think about your desires and dreams? Which partner can improve your life? Many people don’t know the answer to these questions. Having a relationship is their goal.

Psychologists have noticed that such a relationship does not bring anything good. Often people begin to demand from a partner what they cannot give to themselves. They do not understand that no one can fill their void and make them happy. Relationships with such people are filled with jealousy and mistrust. Therefore, they quickly end because only a full person can be loved.

Therefore, if your relationship is short-lived, and you are constantly changing partners hoping to find the perfect one for you, you should take a break. Focus on yourself, start the process of self-improvement and self-discovery. If you want to find true love, you should give it up for a while.

Reasons to abandon a relationship for a while.

Hear your desires.
Chaos and disorder in life accompany most modern people. They cannot understand their feelings, do not know where to go, and do not see life guidelines. Therefore, they try to improve their lives by using other people. It’s an easy way to shift responsibility for your life to someone else. As a result, you find yourself in a relationship in which both partners are unhappy.

Learn to take responsibility for your happiness.
Before starting a new relationship, you should deal with your inner problems and improve your life. The absence of a partner shouldn’t affect your self-esteem. Your happiness is your responsibility. No one but you will improve your life, and no one wants to do this.

Get rid of the influence of past relationships.
Any communication with people affects your world. Your attitudes and outlook on life are influenced by your environment. Therefore, past relationships have laid in you some attitudes that can negatively affect your life. You need time to get rid of them and understand where you made a mistake. Also, sometimes past relationships are too painful for the wound to heal for a very long time. In this state, you should not start a new relationship. If you want to use your new partner as a cure for your wounds, this is a bad idea.
Your heart is not ready for love. You will suffer in this relationship and project the problems of the past onto your new partner. Until you cope with your past on your own, all your new romances are doomed.

A happy relationship is a reality that you can get if you take your time. Moving from relationship to relationship, you will not be able to get happiness and love. Each relationship will inflict new wounds, and you will lose yourself completely. Therefore, you should learn to be happy in loneliness. Use a variety of methods to know yourself. Psychological therapy, meditation, and so on will help you get to know yourself better. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life, regardless of the relationship. People love happy people. Therefore, if you radiate happiness and love from within, you will meet your partner, who will strengthen your feelings. Sometimes it’s helpful to be alone with yourself so as not to forget about who you are

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