Drinks that should not be consumed on an empty stomach.


Morning rituals and habits affect your well-being throughout the day. Therefore, you should start the day right. For example, one of the beneficial morning rituals is a glass of clean water. Doctors say that only water can be drunk on an empty stomach. They do not recommend drinking other drinks on an empty stomach because many of them provoke inflammation in the stomachs or an increase in blood sugar levels.

Dairy products.
Yogurt, kefir is quite healthy products. But, you should use them at other times of the day except in the morning. The acid they contain causes inflammation in the stomach lining. Therefore, if you have gastritis, ulcers, or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, you should stop eating them on an empty stomach.


They also contain acids that irritate mucous membranes, as well as sugar. Doctors say these drinks cause a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. It is very dangerous, especially in the morning hours. Regular consumption of juices on an empty stomach leads to diabetes. If you want to drink the juice, you should consume it after meals.

Sugar-containing sodas are unhealthy at any time of the day, so you’re better off avoiding them altogether.

Alcohol is a particularly harmful drink. Alcoholic beverages are quickly absorbed and dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood, which leads to disruption of metabolic processes in the body and the production of necessary elements. Also, scientists say that any dose of alcohol is an unhealthy thing for your health. Therefore, if you love wine, try to consume no more than one glass a week.

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