Lucy Mecklenburgh wows in new bikini photos and gives top weightloss tips for summer


Lucy Mecklenburgh wows in new bikini photos and gives top weightloss tips for summer

Lucy Mecklenburgh, the CEO of fitness empire Results With Lucy, has launched a brand new fitness programme called Beach Body with Lucy. In brand new promo shots, Lucy has posed up a storm in bikinis and the unretouched photos show Lucy’s amazing figure, but what are her thoughts on diets or relying on the bathroom scales? In an interview with HELLO! she tells it like it is…

Lucy Meck on…. not counting calories

“I don’t calorie count because I find it can become very obsessive. I have done it briefly in the past for research for Results with Lucy and even though I wanted to maintain my weight rather than lose weight, I ended up trying to be on less and less calories each day, as if it was a game. I quickly realised it was definitely not good for my mental health and just went back to my 80/20 lifestyle. Which is basically eating well during the week and being more relaxed over the weekend. This really works for me.

“If your goal is to lose weight then calorie counting is necessary because you do need to create a calorie deficit. I think the key is to keep it in check and if you find it is becoming obsessive and affecting your life in a negative way then stop, and instead, find a good balance of regular workouts, healthy meals and the occasional indulgent treat. Lots of people find this works better for them than calorie counting.”  

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Lucy Meck on… weighing yourself every day

“I don’t weigh myself ever! I also don’t understand why hotels put them in your en suite! I much prefer going by how I feel in my clothes, how I feel energy level wise and maybe by looking at my measurements. If you have weight to lose, weighing yourself once a month is healthy and realistic. Anything more is not necessary because so many variables can cause your weight to fluctuate. You can weigh three different weights in the same day so I would suggest weighing yourself on the same day each month because your menstrual cycle also effects how much you weigh due to water retention.”

Lucy Meck on… having a boyfriend who can lure you into temptation

“I definitely think having a boyfriend makes it harder to stick to eating well. Ryan [Thomas] loves food like me and we eat out a lot and love naughty treats while watching a Netflix series. At the moment we are trying to eat more healthy home-cooked meals. We really enjoy cooking, and it actually becomes quite competitive between us to see who can make the best dinner!”


Lucy Meck on… indulging while on holiday

“Hell yeah! A holiday is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. I love cocktails and more indulgent foods when I’m away. Having said that, I try not to be too excessive. For example, I’ll only have one cocktail in an evening and then move onto gin and tonic.

“I try to avoid the croissants, pancakes and bread section at the breakfast buffet so I won’t be bloated in my bikini. Instead, I choose to have something like an omelette and a bowl of fruit so I start my day with a high protein healthy breakfast. Then lunch and the evening comes and that’s when it’s like carb heaven!

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“I pack my gym kit every holiday with good intentions but honestly, it rarely comes out of my case! I do try and do a lot of walking when I’m away, and dancing, of course. Most importantly, to stay hydrated I drink double the amount of water on holiday.”

Lucy Meck on… having a friend to work out with

“Having a training buddy can be great for motivation. I love training with a friend because it adds a little healthy competition and accountability that you are both in it together, which means you are more likely to stick to your planned workouts.”

Lucy Meck on… achieving your goals if you’re a fitness-phobe

“Start small and don’t overwhelm yourself because chances are that will make you more likely to quit. Start with training twice a week or even just introducing more walking into your daily routine. If possible, walk instead of driving and take the stairs instead of the lift. When it comes to exercise, find something you love because if you don’t enjoy the exercise you are doing you probably won’t keep it up. We are so lucky now because we have access to so much variety at the click of a button! On Results with Lucy we have 15+ styles of training including dance, HIIT, barre, Pilates, boxing, so you’ll never get bored and can take part in the training that you actually enjoy.

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“I mentioned it earlier but making yourself accountable really helps you stick to your planned workouts. Tell a friend, your family, a work colleague or post on social media when you plan to workout. Having people know your plan really does make it harder to skip a session.”


Lucy Meck on….tips for anyone who feels ‘too old’ for the gym

“You are never too old to train. Deciding to improve your health and fitness through training is an amazing thing to do at any age. If the gym intimidates you don’t be scared to ask someone to show you around the machines and how they all work. Having said that, training doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to a gym. I love training at home which is why I set up Results with Lucy because I found the gym very intimidating.

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“My mum is in her 50s and hadn’t trained in 30 years but she has recently started training with a PT at home and she walks her dog daily and she absolutely loves it. No matter what your age just try to be consistent and enjoy what you are doing. There’s so much easily accessible variety out there that you really do have the luxury to pick what works best for you and your lifestyle.”

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