Effective ways to track your weight loss results.


Typically, people who are trying to lose weight use the scales to watch their results. Fitness experts assure that this method does not show the real situation.

Many of you get upset when you don’t see the numbers go down on the scales. At the same time, you do not notice that the process of changing your body occurs at a certain pace.
Experts recommend additional ways to track your progress towards to healthier body.

You don’t have to constantly look at the number on the scale to prove your path is correct. Constant weighing puts you under psychological stress. Weight can change throughout the day while your body parameters do not change.

Effective ways to track your weight loss results.
Correct weight loss is a drop of no more than one kilogram per week. Therefore, it is enough for you to put on weights no more than once a week.

Measurements of parameters.
You should record your progress by measuring your volumes. Measurements need to be done once a week. As a rule, it is necessary to measure the volume of the hips, legs, waist, abdomen, chest, arms, and shoulders.
Measurements allow you to see the result that shows a decrease in fat levels. Muscle is several times heavier than fat, so weight can increase in the process of losing weight.

This is the most effective way to see real results. Take photos indoors with good lighting, and you should only be wearing your underwear. Use this method to track your results once a week.
Photos should be in profile, full-face, and from the back.

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