Endurance exercises prevent metabolic disorders.


Many studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of cyclic aerobic, circular, and high-intensity interval training on health. Several recent studies have confirmed that these types of physical activity develop stamina and affect the risk of metabolic disorders. The reason for this effect is a change in gene activity. At the same time, scientists have found that strength exercises have less effect on genes.

The results of the study showed that people who use high-intensity training have a lower risk of metabolic diseases.
Scientists argue that even short workouts have a high level of influence on the state of genes.

The experiment was attended by 40 people. 18 members used high-intensity training, 7 ones used strength workout, and 15 of them excluded the sport from their lives.
Scientists used muscle biopsy as an observation method and found that people who preferred exercise that developed stamina had significant changes in their genes. The use of strength exercises did not show such a result.

Please note that scientists claim that not all genes respond to exercise, but only those that affect the risk of metabolic diseases.

To confirm the results, scientists studied the results of a study that examined the effect of physical activity on the development of diabetes and its risk. Scientists found that people who did endurance exercises had changes in their genes.

You can achieve this result with other exercises, but for this, you will need many years of regular training.

Moreover, the duration of such training may be short-term.

Scientists do not urge you to engage only in high-intensity training and forget about strength exercises. Vice versa, scientists talk about the benefits of such exercises, but strength exercises are less useful for metabolism than endurance exercises. The best option for improving your health is a combination of different exercises.

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