Financial dependence on a partner.


Of course, finance is not the foundation of a strong relationship. But, very often, financial issues in a couple become the cause of problems and disagreements. As a rule, one of the partners earns more than the other and invests more money in the relationship. If partners do not discuss in advance the financial participation of each, this can lead to misunderstandings and quarrels. Psychologists are sure that the financial dependence of one of the partners causes stress and leads to a deterioration in the relationship.

Very often, financial dependence makes people endure humiliation, beatings, and violence. Dependence on another’s money causes psychological discomfort.

If you decide not to earn money and your partner is ready to support you, you should say the amount that you will receive for your expenses. This way you will know that you have money for the necessary things. Also, in such couples, the partner who is not working takes on other responsibilities, such as taking care of the children and the home. This is also a job that should be paid for.

If both partners accept such conditions, then they should not express claims to each other.
Unfortunately, the situation can be dire. Therefore, you should ensure your financial security.

Your own money will help you cope with a difficult situation in your life and feel safe. Foresight is needed to cope with various crises. After all, you do not know what may happen in the future. This does not mean that you have to work hard. Even if you take care of the home, you can talk to your partner that you should have a certain amount every month.

The benefits of financial independence.

Protection from dangerous relationships.
Thousands of people endure physical and mental abuse in couples and cannot end the relationship. Financial dependence exacerbates the situation because they cannot rent an apartment, buy food, and so on. Abusers manipulate money to bind their partners more closely to themselves. Experts say that economic violence is as prevalent as other forms of violence.

The ability to survive the loss of a partner.
Life is unpredictable, so no one is immune from sudden death. When a partner who earned money dies, the other does not know how to live on and faces financial problems.

Improves the quality of life.
Your own money allows you to buy whatever you want, including clothes, beauty treatments, and so on.

Creating a happy relationship.
Having your own money helps you feel confident, which leads to mental harmony. This way, you release emotional stress and can express love and care to your partner. Financial dependence can make relationships unequal and lead to violence.

You should create a safe environment for your life. Experts recommend using the following methods:

  • take responsibility for your life,
  • create savings,
  • negotiate financial rules with your partner at the beginning of your relationship,
  • invest,
  • create different sources of income.

The best way to create a harmonious financial relationship in a couple is through a marriage contract. Discuss all the nuances with your partner and secure them with one.

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