Foods that harm your teeth.


Generally, people think that carbonated sugary drinks and sugars are the main cause of tooth enamel deterioration. Dentists assure that other foods can also harm the teeth.

At the same time, people consume these products often. Sometimes even healthy foods can damage your teeth and destroy them.

According to experts, the main enemies of tooth enamel are sweets, soda, and sour fruits. But, if you like to eat dried fruit every day, your smile can be changed.

Also, dentists assure that lovers of porridge cooked with milk have problems with tooth enamel. These products will stick to the enamel and destroy it. Therefore, you should brush your teeth after eating cereals and dried fruits or use chewing gum.

Also, runny egg yolk can harm your teeth despite the benefits of the digestive system. The yolk envelopes the tooth and creates a membrane effect. Bacteria multiply faster under these favorable conditions.

If you eat a variety of pickled foods, you should pay more attention to keeping your teeth healthy. These foods contain vinegar, which destroys enamel.

Despite the harm to your teeth, you should not exclude this food from your diet. They provide many nutrients that are essential for your body’s health. Therefore, eat everything that benefits you and keep your oral hygiene.

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