Four exercises for home workout.


Do you miss the gym and your workouts? We offer to create your temporary gym at home and have workouts with the equipment that you have. Despite the simplicity of the idea, it can squeeze out a lot of sweat from you, and you will forget about your sadness about the gym. You can search for the reason why you cannot train at home, and one of them is the lack of sophisticated fitness equipment, weights, and space. We offer you four workouts that prove that workouts can be effective even with minimal equipment.

Ab roller
Using the roller will help you make beautiful abs and tighten the lateral muscles. In this case, you do not need much space and time. This exercise can be done in various ways. The classic version is kneeling. Get on your knees and grab the roller with your arms. Now start to roll the roller along on the floor while the knees remain motionless. When your body takes the form of a plank, return to its original position. During the movement, you will feel the muscles of the abs, shoulders, lower back and back working. This is a great workout for your core.
If for you the classic version of the exercise seems very easy, you can diversify it. Roll the roller with one hand and pull the other hand to the side. Do 2-3 rounds of 30 repetitions each.

Follow this technique during this exercise. Muscles must be tight, and your whole body must be in balance. No need to pursue the goal of doing many repetitions. Quality is more important than the number.

Classical push-ups are used by many trainers and athletes, especially climbers. Push-ups have a good effect on the development of the muscles of the arms, chest, abs and upper back.

If you are a beginner athlete and push-ups are still difficult for you, then use the option of push-ups from the knees. If you are already an athlete with experience, then you can complicate the classic push-ups by placing your arms wider or close to each other. Push-ups with claps are a super-heavy exercise that will add a cardio effect to your workouts. You can do push-ups on one arm, and put the other hand on the lower back.

Do 2-3 rounds of 20 repetitions.

Jump rope
Jump rope is an excellent cardio exercise that helps burn calories and develops leg muscles. Start to jump with a skipping rope at an average pace, and then build up speed. Despite the simplicity of the exercise, it requires space and high ceilings in your home. Also, try to land lightly on your toes. Knees should be soft. Jump only in sneakers, so as not to injure the joints.

There are many options for jumping. You can use just one or more. Jumping rope is well suited for interval training. You can alternate jumping with squats or push-ups.

You can install the pull-up bars on the door or hang it on the wall. Every day, try to increase the number of repetitions, and you will see how, after a week of daily training, your arm and sleeping muscles become stronger.

This is a pretty hard exercise, but you should believe in yourself, and you will succeed. When you learn how to do push-ups pretty well and quality, you can move on to more complex options.

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