Happiness is a habit.


Each of you strives to experience happiness for most of your life. Scientists believe that your brain can help you with it. According to them, your brain perceives good and bad events differently. It depends on the activity of the neural networks of our brain.

If the part of the brain which is responsible for a positive perception of the world is more active, then a person remembers more happy events in his life. The brain quickly notices positive events, reacts intensely emotionally to them, and this event remains in your memory.

Doctors believe that you can affect the activity of your brain. Therefore, if you do not get enough sleep, are emotionally exhausted, have an increased level of anxiety, depression, you activate the part of your brain that is responsible for the negative perception of the world. In this way, you worsen your emotional state.

Such people perceive their lives in a negative light, remember just bad events. Happy memories are almost inaccessible to them. Also, they constantly notice the negativity around them. All this leads to apathy, anger, depression, and more.
But if you take responsibility for your life, you can change the situation. Doctors believe that you need to identify the cause of a negative attitude towards the world around you. Often, it can be a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, stress, lack of sleep. If you start taking care of yourself, feeding healthy food, sleeping at least 7 hours, putting adequate physical activity on your body, your brain will start activating another part of the brain, and you will notice that the world is changing around you.
Also, scientists recommend forcing your brain to notice positive events around you. It can be someone’s smile, nice music, flowers and so on. Such simple things can teach your brain to notice beautiful things every day.

You have to capture the pleasant moments. Your emotions are the conduit to neural sounds. So the higher the emotion, the faster your brain remembers the information. Try to rejoice more often as a child every day. Also, you can write down all the wonderful events in a diary and reread them from time to time.

Collect good events in your life with photos. Looking at them, you activate the part of the brain that is responsible for joy and happiness. You need to consciously focus on what is happening at the moment. With this exercise, you learn to control your attention and direct it to the positive moments of your life.

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