Hardening of the body is a perfect way to improve your health.


Perhaps you have tried to use hardening of the body at least once in your life, but your enthusiasm disappeared after the first attempt. Although those who use hardening of the body as a regular ritual claim that through this procedure their health has improved significantly, vitality and emotional health have increased.

Each person has a unique reaction to cold and temperature changes. Most modern people grew up in greenhouse conditions, and the cold air temperature causes them to get colds or other negative reactions nonetheless. Scientists claim that a healthy person perceives both cold and heat in the same way.

Yogis use hardening of the body as a way to get closer to nature. They claim that cold water increases the body’s defenses, performance, and endurance. Also, people who get hardened regularly have higher energy levels and are less prone to increased anxiety and depression.

You should consult your doctor if you want to use hardening of the body. This procedure has several contraindications:

  • fever,
  • circulatory disorders,
  • high blood pressure,
  • asthma attack,
  • food poisoning.

Only after removing all these symptoms, you can start the hardening procedure following some rules and principles.

If you want your body to benefit from hardening, then you should do the procedure every day. Only regularity triggers all the mechanisms of action on your body, and your body gets used to the cold. If you carry out the hardening procedure from time to time, your body will not acquire resistance to temperature influences, because there is no rapid adaptive response.

You shouldn’t apply low temperatures the first time. Because it can cause a shock reaction and lead to negative consequences. Your body has to adapt to temperature changes gradually.

Preparatory procedures.
Start hardening of the body with gentle procedures using the principle of gradual temperature reduction.
Consider your health condition.

Hardening of the body has a strong effect on the body, so you should pay attention to your health. See a doctor who can find the right sort of hardening of the body for you.

The hardening of the body has several types, which have different degrees of effect. The simplest form of hardening is air hardening. This type is available to people of different ages. You can use them regardless of your health condition. Walking in the fresh air is the main form of air hardening.

Coldwater hardening is a complex process that requires additional preparation and has a profound effect on the condition of your body. You can start hardening the body with a towel soaked in cold water. When your body adapts a little, move on to the next level – dive in cold water. Also, you can use a hardening shower. Change the water temperature by gradually lowering it every day. This way will reach your desired temperature without stressing your health.

Also, if you are a beginner, then you should start by hardening your legs, and go higher in a few days.
Before the procedure, you should do some simple exercises to warm up your body. Finish the hardening procedure by rubbing with a dry towel.

During the hardening of the body, it is important to monitor your physical condition. If on the day of the procedure you slept badly, lost your appetite, you should cancel the procedure until your health is restored.

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