Skincare in summer.


Each season requires the right approach to skincare on the face You should not use the same cream all year round. The skin deserves special attention in the summer because the heat and the active sun deplete it and take away its youth.

If you have not yet switched to summer cosmetic skincare, then proceed immediately. You can save it from damage. It’s time to change your daily beauty rituals for special summer skincare.

We offer several rules in summer skincare that will help you choose the right cosmetics.

Sun protection.
The use of sunscreen with a high level of SPF and UVA protection is the main rule in skincare in the summer. Today, cosmetics manufacturers produce many cosmetics with SPF protection at different prices. Therefore, choose the look and price based on your capabilities. Apply the cream on the face before leaving the house and do not forget to periodically update it on the face throughout the day. Cream application intervals vary by brand and amount of SPF.

Your skin needs to be moisturized all year round, and this need increases several times in summer. The heat helps to dehydrate the body and makes the skin dry. Therefore, you may notice small skin lesions that signal the need to compensate for moisture loss. As a rule, special creams are used for moisturizing, which acts as a physical barrier for pollutants, bacteria, and tanning, too.

Summer moisturizer should have a light structure that allows the skin to breathe. Winter moisturizer is not suitable for summer, as it performs other functions and lays a heavy layer on the skin. As a result, the skin does not breathe, which leads to inflammation. Apply cream twice daily. You can use moisturizing masks twice a week for additional hydration.

Our skin is affected by many factors in the summer. Dust, sun, sweat adversely affect the condition of the skin. Therefore, clean your skin every day by removing environmental residues from it. Cosmetologists and dermatologists warn you about the dangers of using scrubs and peels with AHA or BHA acids in the summer. These agents are aggressive and may cause pigmentation.

Soft peels and moisturizers are the best options for cleansing the skin during the summer period. Fortunately, the choice of such cosmetics is huge, and you can buy a product that does not injure blood vessels and at the same time deeply cleanse the skin of impurities, and makeup residues. When choosing such products, pay attention to mousses, gels, and micellar water.

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