Have you ever used patches for losing weight?


People are so arranged that they want to get a good result without much effort and labor. This is especially evident during weight loss. Going to the gym or running is hard and the result will be visible only after a month. Therefore, some are looking for various easy ways to lose extra pounds. Therefore, products that promise to help overweight without diets and sports are especially popular. One of the most sought after products are patches for losing weight.

Many bloggers on social networks claim that these patches work wonders. They say that their action is so effective that you can notice the result after a few days. We understand if you are interested in this product. But before you decide to purchase patches for weight loss, study this issue from different angles. Experts in the field of healthy weight loss ask you to be wary of the information that popular bloggers give you.

Let’s figure out how effective weight loss patches are and whether they are worth buying.

What are patches for losing weight?
These are small pieces of sticky fabric soaked with a special compound. The ingredients of this composition penetrate the blood bypassing the digestive system. Thus, we can conclude that they are safer for your body than pills for weight loss. You glue these patches on those parts of the body where, in your opinion, you have excess fat.

The composition of the patches.

Green tea.
It is one of the main ingredients of the patches, which contains caffeine. According to various studies, caffeine helps to lose weight, but it is not a magical ingredient that will save you from problems of excess weight. Although green tea extract is a fairly safe ingredient, in some cases it can interfere with liver function. Therefore, if you are not confident in your health and have not consulted with your doctor, then you need to be careful about patches.

Green Coffee Extract.
This extract is extracted from green coffee beans and contains chlorogenic acid. The effect of acid on weight loss has been investigated in mice. This study confirmed a beneficial effect, but studies on the effects of the green coffee extract on humans have not been conducted. Therefore, experts cannot say that it is safe for people.

Japanese mint.
As a rule, it is used to treat pain symptoms. Some studies have shown that peppermint can block the absorption of sugar and starch, but there is no evidence that it can help reduce weight.

How do patches help you lose weight?
As a rule, the main ingredients of the patches are aimed at reducing heart rate and accelerating metabolism. But, studies show, the result is very low. Therefore, there is no evidence of high-performance patches. At the same time, patches are not a drug and its composition is not certified. Therefore, side effects and risk levels have not yet been studied.

According to experts, in the process of losing weight, you should choose only safe methods that have evidence of their effectiveness. Patches will not bring you the desired result if you eat burgers and lie on the couch all day.

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