HIIT workout helps lose weight fast.


To be honest, not all people like interval high-intensity workout, even though it is very effective. It’s just that people have a high level of energy conservation. In other words, we are just lazy. We want to get a high result with a minimum of energy costs. We don’t want to spend hours in the gym, get tired, restrict ourselves in food. All this requires discipline. You will be surprised, but HIIT is a training that brings good results and which is enough to do it once a week for 25 minutes. I think it is not much time for a beautiful figure.

A new study showed that high-intensity training once a week, even less than half an hour, contributes to fat and weight losses. Five groups of young people took part in the study. Each of the groups used a different training regime but had the same diet. One of the groups used HIIT once a week, the second two times, the third group – three times, the fourth was engaged workouts in the average regime three times a week, and the fifth did not train at all.

Upon completion of the experiment, it turned out that the guys from the first group lost more fat than the guys who used medium-intensity training three times a week. At the same time, HIIT burns almost as much fat once a week as three HIIT workouts per week. Also, this mode has a good effect on blood pressure and the work of the cardiovascular system. You don’t have to sweat hard every day, once a week enough to force yourself to work intensively, and for the rest of the days, you can use light workouts like Pilates, yoga, or others.

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