How to combine strength and cardio training properly?


If you have taken the path of a healthy lifestyle, you cannot do without fitness. At the beginning of the journey, you are faced with a huge amount of information that contradicts each other. Therefore, you need to find a professional who can help you understand all the issues of fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Many fitness trainers continue the sport about the benefits or harms of doing cardio and strength training on the same day. Some argue that you should do cardio after strength training, some argue that strength training is necessary after cardio, and still others believe that cardio and strength training should be on different days or with a break of several hours.

Scientists are trying to resolve this controversy and find the right solution that will accelerate the progress of your workouts. A group of Finnish researchers conducted a study on the effects of cardio and strength training on performance. The participants in the experiment were divided into several groups, which used different training plans with the same training volume:

  • strength and endurance exercises were performed on different days,
  • strength and endurance exercises are performed in a single workout, with endurance exercises performed first,
  • strength and endurance exercises are performed in a single workout with strength exercises performed first.

The research showed that the group that did cardio and strength training on different days achieved the best results. If you want the greatest gains in the gym in terms of performance and fitness, start doing cardio and strength training on separate days.

oreover, scientists argue that only high-intensity, long-term cardio workouts affect the result. If you use cardio as a warm-up for 5 minutes, it will not show up as the result of your workout. Based on the research results, scientists are convinced that you are better off using cardio and strength training on different days. It is this training schedule that will help you optimize your body composition and improve your fitness in the shortest possible time. You can train 6 times a week alternating between cardio and strength training. In addition, scientists are confident that daily moderate physical activity gives a better result than long-term intense training 2-3 times a week.

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