How Нatha yoga can help during an epidemic.


Many athletes ignore yoga and do not apply in their workouts, because they think it is a very easy load. But they are wrong. Researchers at the University of Illinois concluded that a quiet stretching practice uses the same areas of the brain as high-intensity workouts. Thus, yoga improves cognitive abilities like aerobics.

During the study, the influence of hatha yoga on the functioning of the body was studied. It turned out that people who regularly engage in this type of yoga have the best indicators of the brain area, which is responsible for the level of memory and the ability to make decisions. Hatha yoga is one of the types of yoga, which is aimed at the slow execution of asana and contemplation of breathing. Hatha yoga complex does not increase the contraction of the heart muscles and does not lead to an increase in blood pressure. Its main task is to target people to concentrate on the moment and hear their bodies.

The main mechanism of hatha yoga is to reduce psychological stress. According to Neha Gothe, our body works better in good psychological health. That is why it is necessary to use classes with hatha yoga for athletes who want to increase their effectiveness.

Yoga does not aim to increase the muscle mass of your body and develop speed. It is aimed at improving the psychological state in which you can work harder. Yoga affects the functioning of all systems of the human body from the digestive to the cardiovascular. When a person’s body is in a calm and relaxed state, then all his organs work much better.

Many studies by scientists around the world show that the influence of yoga on the human condition is very wide. It has more than 30 healing properties that make our body healthier.

A specific mechanical effect on the functioning of all body systems occurs during hatha yoga. Moreover, this effect extends not only to muscles and bones but also to internal organs. An effect on the nervous and vegetative systems occurs during classes, which leads to a decrease in anxiety, stress, and sadness. After the nervous system comes in order, improvements begin in the internal organs.

You can use hatha yoga every day. Hatha yoga will help you release tension and excitement during the coronavirus epidemic. A calm nervous system will improve the protective functions of your body, and you can protect yourself from the virus.

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