Some apps, which give you the tools of psychological self-help.


The COVID-19 pandemic is going longer than we expected. Coronavirus caused most of us to stay at home and lose our normal way of life. Even those who remained calm at the beginning of the lock-down begin to lose patience, and their emotional health is undergoing serious trials. How can you stay calm if you do not know what will happen next? Can you return the lost work? Can you protect your health during a terrible pandemic? Concerns about the family and the gradually disappearing money are pressing on these issues. Even the most courageous and confident person can get confused in this situation. According to Mental Health America, people are increasingly in need of psychological help. This figure grew by 19 percent compared to last year. People cannot cope with it and need help.

According to Teresa Nguyen, an employee at Mental Health America, men are mostly worried about finances and security. They feel an increased responsibility for the financial condition of the family in the absence of control over what is happening. This leads to increased anxiety and can result in serious health problems.

To cope with an anxiety state and return to a calm confident mood, you need to learn how to use the tools of psychological self-help. This skill will not only help you survive the pandemic in the future state, but you can also use it in the future to achieve the best results in your life. Life always finds trials for you. To learn how to manage your emotional health, you do not need to be a psychologist. Various applications and digital platforms can provide you with information that will help you maintain mental health both during hard times and on bright days.

These are not just lectures that also give their result. These platforms give you practical advice that you can apply in life when you get bad news. Thanks to practical exercises, you will be able to monitor mood changes. You independently use these powerful tools according to your request.
We bring to your attention several recommendations that will help you maintain your health despite what is happening around you.

Everything that you feel today is normal.

Accept your feelings and do not judge yourself for them. You cannot feel the same feelings as your colleagues or friends. Each of us is unique, and everyone has own reaction to what is happening. As therapist Rachel Kazez says, LCSW people are divided into several types. Some are very worried about the risk of getting sick, others worry about being in social isolation, and some just enjoy the opportunity to stay home and not rush anywhere.
The doctor claims that all emotions have a right to exist. If you experience positive emotions, this is very good, just enjoy life and do not forget to wash your hands.

If during the day you experience negative emotions more, then you should work with them. Do not reject them, do not try to hide or ignore them. All emotions must be lived. This is not a weakness, this is your experience, through which you will become stronger and more confident.

Be aware of your feelings.
As a rule, men try to hide their emotions, which has negative consequences. The habit of overwhelming emotions such as irritation, fear, or anger leads to an aggravation of the situation. Suppressed feelings build up like a snowball, which may one day come out as aggression, depression, or psychological illness. Many people try to quench negative emotions with alcohol or drugs. This is the worst way that can harm not only psychological health but also your body. Therefore, do not use this method of dealing with increased anxiety.

You should monitor your emotional state to prevent the development of depression or other psychological illnesses. If you see that your sleep has become worse or you need more alcohol than before, then perhaps you do not notice what is happening with your emotions. Therefore, to avoid severe consequences, be aware of each emotion, ask yourself what I am experiencing now. When you take another glass of alcohol, ask yourself what you are trying to drown. Nobody likes to experience negative emotions, but their rejection will not bring long-awaited relaxation and tranquility. To do this, you must understand that all that happens to you is your choice. If you do not like what you are experiencing, seek help. Help does not say that you are weak, it is a sign that you have decided to control your emotions.

No need to wait when you get into a difficult psychological state to seek help. Any discomfort in your psychological health is a reason to seek help. The sooner you decide to take action, the faster the healing process will go.

How does telemental health help you?

During the lock-down, we spend most of our time online. Therefore, you can take advantage of virtual life and find yourself psychological help in the virtual world.

Online therapy has several advantages over personal sessions. For example, some men experience some discomfort in a psychotherapist’s office. During the online session, you are in the usual environment for you, which will help you to be revealed.

An online session can be held when you do not see each other. In this case, most people are less embarrassed and can tell more truth about their experiences. Some people do not trust telehealth, but you do not rush to give up this opportunity. As a rule, this method of therapy does not require financial investments, but at the same time, it is no less effective. Lying on your favorite couch, you can get highly qualified specialist help.

Applications that are designed for psychological assistance teach you skills that will help you cope with various situations in everyday life. With these applications, you will gain skills that will help you improve your productivity at work, improve relationships with loved ones, and some of the applications even offer workouts to improve your fitness.

If you feel that some aspects of your life need improvement, use one of the applications. After the quarantining, you will be able to implement all the acquired skills and notice how you got closer to the life you always dreamed of.

Skill building
This application teaches you simple skills, psychological techniques that help you realize your negative emotions and deal with them. Thus, you learn to accept all negative events with awareness and acceptance. Your peace of mind allows you to make quick and right decisions.

You must have heard that proper breathing affects our nervous system. This has been proven by many studies and scientists have agreed that breathing practices have a calming effect on our nervous system.
A branch of the Military Defense Health Agency, having accepted this fact, decided to create an application that teaches the basics of proper diaphragmatic breathing. This type of breathing helps to cope with anger, stress, irritation and increased levels of anxiety. By learning to breathe correctly, you can use this technique in various situations that cause stress. Your nervous system can be in a relaxed state, which will positively affect the health of the whole body.

This application will help you track the dynamics of your mood. You can easily determine where you are moving. If you have even a tiny negative emotion, you can ask a question and you take advice with the help of which tool you can deal with the negative. Trust us, you get exactly what you need. You can take statistics of your emotional health, as well as see what tools work most effectively on you.

Mindshift CBT
Many people using CBT have been able to learn how to manage their thoughts and reduce anxiety. This application teaches you an important skill – to think correctly. People can move away from reality and become immersed in thoughts about the future or the past, and begin to worry about what has already been or will be. This takes their resource and plunges into heavy thoughts that can cause negative emotions. By learning to manage your thoughts, you can look at the situation and evaluate it realistically. This will help you find methods to solve any problem quickly and efficiently.

This is an application that offers you several self-help tools for stress, anger or irritation. The simple ways that you will learn with this app will help you track your mood, use some cognitive-behavioral techniques, and you will learn how to visualize. If you have never used the visualization method before, you will be unpleasantly surprised by its amazing effect. In addition to this, you will learn simple breathing exercises that help calm you down.

Meditation is one of the best methods to deal with psychological problems. Thanks to the large online meditation library of this application, you can find meditations that suit you. With the help of a guide, you will go through the world of peace and be filled with all the resources that are necessary for a calm and happy life.

Convos Community
If you do not want to be face to face with the therapist, then perhaps a group conversation will help you. By joining the community you can listen to the problems and feelings of others, understanding that you are not alone, that other people are also scared, confused. When a group discusses the problem of one, then you can take advantage of all the recommendations that suit you.

Hems Group Negotiations
The therapist will answer any question that bothers you. You can ask the strangest questions without hesitation because the therapist gives all the answers at the session without naming the author of the question. This is a good way for people who are embarrassed or afraid of personal therapy.

In this application, you can freely express your fears, experiences and see that you are not alone. By publishing your appeal, you get support from other community members. If you do not want to give your name, you can publish your appeals anonymously.

We have described several applications that will help you survive a difficult time. Many people need psychological help, so ask for help, do not be afraid that they will not understand you. In addition to these applications, you can take advantage of the help of applications such as Therapeer, FishBowl, Talk Therapy, 7Cups, iPrevail, Talkspace, BetterHelp, and LARKR. Each of these applications has a unique and powerful resource. Nevertheless, the desire to help people will unite them all.

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