How Alexis Ohanian manages to devote time to family and sports with such a crazy schedule.


The co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital, Alexis Ohanian, never lingers in one place for a long time. For him, life is movement.

One day he told in an interview that over the past year he had made 550 flight hours. He can visit several countries in a week and return home to Miami. All these flights take a lot of time and attending the gym is very problematic. Therefore, Alexis takes with him TRX tapes that help him keep his body in good shape. This is a very convenient simulator that you can take with you and do a workout at a time convenient for you.

Alexis tries not to spend more than a week away from home. Training is a very important part of his life and every day he practices in the gym with a trainer, except for the days when he is in another city. By the way, his wife, Serena Williams, does workouts every morning too. Alexis prefers to work with a trainer who develops a training plan for him including weight training, work with weights and others.

When Alexis was asked when he planned to learn to play tennis, he replied that if his daughter wanted to learn to play tennis and asked him to play with her, he would learn to do it.

Alexis Ohanian uses an interval fasting system. He prefers just black coffee for breakfast, but on weekends, when the whole family is going for breakfast, he makes an exception and eats with everyone. Because he believes that family traditions are very important and you can sacrifice your principles in food once a week. Also, Alexis prefers plant foods but does not exclude completely animal products. Also, he began to drink less alcohol, although in the business world the temptation is great. Alexis believes that he is in good health, but he continues to move forward towards improvement.

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