How many pounds of weight can you lose safely?


During self-isolation, one of the main tasks is not to gain weight. Although many people use this period to pay more attention to exercise and a healthy diet. Quarantine gave a chance to pay attention to your lifestyle and people decide to change something, including losing weight. Information on exercise and diet is one of the most popular in the search engines of the Internet. Unfortunately, not everyone understands which diet suits him or her, and which exercises will bring the desired result. Also, we draw your attention to the fact that various factors influence the process of losing weight, namely: metabolism, sleep quality, your psychological state.

Even if you have a weight loss plan, are you sure that it is safe for your health? Healthy weight loss affects how long you can maintain weight. After all, often people losing a few pounds very quickly, but in a week they gain even more. This suggests that the process of losing weight was wrong.
This question can be answered in the words of Christina Santori, who claims that there is no right number for all. If you look at weight loss per month, then initially the number of pounds lost will be affected by factors such as age, initial weight, and gender.

Therefore, the doctor advises focusing on the method that you use for losing weight, and not on the number of pounds lost. If you use an unhealthy diet with a catastrophic calorie deficit, it will harm your health. This is a big health danger when you eat less than 600 calories per day. Yes, you will lose many pounds in a month using this method, but are you ready to pay such a high price as your health?

Santori notes that if you lose weight gradually, but steadily is better than a quick way. She believes that losing one or two pounds a week brings the best result that you can keep for a long time. Some researchers have found that people who lose weight slowly achieve the desired result healthy and can maintain normal weight without much effort. People who use a low-calorie diet have been gaining weight for several months after returning to a normal diet. All of their life they cannot eat only water, therefore, after losing weight, they begin to return to their usual way of life and their result disappears very quickly.

How to lose weight to stay healthy?
The nutritionist Iren Franovich suggests eating 500 calories less per day from your diet. You can reduce your calorie intake by 3500 calories per week. This approach will allow you to lose 1 pound per week, while you will not experience stress. If you reduce your daily calorie intake by 1000 calories, you can lose two pounds a week. Nevertheless, 1000 calories are quite a lot, if before the calorie content of your daily diet was less than 1800 calories. Therefore, focus on the initial indicators of your lifestyle.

Despite the ease of the method, you may encounter some difficulties. To avoid them and make the process of reducing the calorie content of the daily diet, you can use a few simple tricks.

Keep a diary of food intake. Write in it everything that you ate during the day, even small cookies. So you can see where you gain extra calories.

Use more whole foods. They saturate faster and digest longer. This way you will not feel hungry.

Consume high fiber foods. They improve metabolism and remove toxins.

Cut back on sugar. These are excess calories that do not have nutrients.

Drink water. Studies have shown that there is a connection between losing weight and drinking water. People who drank enough water lost weight faster than those who did not drink water.

Do not forget to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Try to go to bed before 11 pm.

Physical activity. If you do not like to take sports up, you can just walk 30 minutes a day. This will create a calorie deficit, and you will lose weight faster. Nevertheless, we advise you to find the sport that you like and add training to your daily routine.

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