How not overeat at Christmas.


Despite the pandemic and the tight lockdown, everyone waits for Christmas and getting ready to celebrate it in a good mood. Typically one of the attributes of Christmas is delicious Christmas food. Many of you forget about diet and nutrition on this day and enjoying your meal in uncontrolled portions. Then after the end of the holiday, you may find a few extra pounds of your weight or devastating health. To avoid this, you need to try not to overeat. There are some tips in this article, which can help you not overeat at the festive table and keep your shape intact and safe.

Eat something before a festive dinner.
This advice can be confusing to most people. However, if you eat a protein meal an hour before your Christmas meal, you will not feel hungry and eat less.

Choose dishes with low-fat sauces.
Fatty sauces make you feel hungry, and you start to eat more than usual. Therefore, choose salads with light natural dressings that will not harm your health.

Start your meal with vegetable salads and oil.
Vegetables are healthy at any time of the day, so you can eat them without fear of putting on extra pounds. However, they are rich in fiber and give you a feeling of fullness quickly. But if you have gastrointestinal diseases, then raw vegetables can worsen your condition. Therefore, you should choose cooked vegetables.

Drink red wine.
If you cannot do without alcohol during your festive dinner, you had better drink red wine. Scientists have proven that a glass of dry red wine improves digestion and speeds up metabolic processes. Pay attention to the quality of the wine too. Its effect on your health depends on it.

Take breaks from eating.
The modern world is filled with an abundance of food, so you can enjoy delicious and healthy meals every day. Therefore, you must realize that you are not eating for the last time in this life, and tomorrow there will be delicious food, too.

Christmas is joy, so you can enjoy more things, not just meals. Dancing is a great idea to have fun. If you do not like dancing or the area of ​​your apartment does not allow you to do this, you can move around the apartment.

Enjoy your meal.
Delicious food gives pleasure, but this is not a reason to eat huge portions. Enjoy every bite and eat in small portions. Using this way you prevent overeating.

Don’t cook a lot of food.
Fresh vegetable salad, meat, fruits, and a light dessert can create a festive mood for you and not harm your health. An abundance of food leads to overeating and disrupting your food system. Also, you can prepare a couple of exquisite gourmet dishes that will add sophistication to your table.

Do not drink Coca Cola.

Any sodas are high in sugar, which can lead to weight gain. So make a freshly squeezed juice and enjoy it on a festive evening.

Right nutrition after Christmas.
Even if you violated the principles of good nutrition during the Christmas holiday, do not berate yourself. After the holidays, you should eat properly and use healthy foods. Doctors do not recommend fasting days after a heavy meal, as this can harm your health. Also, add physical activity after the Christmas break, and your body shape will be perfect.

The main rule for keeping you healthy is to enjoy time with your family and Christmas.

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