How often do you cry?


If you think tears are a sign of weakness, you are wrong. Scientists claim that a tear is a beneficial process not only for physical health but also for mental health. Therefore, you should not be ashamed of your tears, especially if they are caused by emotional stress.

Psychologists are sure that tears help get rid of the consequences of strong emotional tension. People who experience chronic stress should cry regularly.

Tears help rid your brain of negative emotions and the effects of stress. Also, tears reduce the level of manganese in the body, which helps relieve mental tension. Thus, tears relieve your body of stress.
Also, scientists are confident that tears increase the level of endorphins, which improve your emotional state. Psychologists recommend crying at least once a week to maintain mental health.

Tears can occur for a variety of reasons. As a rule, these are negative emotions like sadness, fear, and so on. But, sometimes, tears come from an excess of pleasant emotions. Also, laughter can cause tears. Whatever the reason for the tears, you shouldn’t hide them. Cry to be healthy.

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