How to avoid relationship problems after childbirth.


Birth of a child is a wonderful moment in every family. Despite all the difficulties in bringing up children, parenthood fills your life with joy and happiness. After the birth of a child, your world, and your usual way of life change. Unfortunately, not all couples can accept these changes and begin to conflict. Therefore, having a baby is often a test of the strength of your relationship with your partner. Solving parenting problems takes up most of your time, and you do not have the energy to develop a relationship with your partner. Every couple faces the risk of break up after appearing their child in their lives. But if you approach parenting with awareness and are ready to change then your family will become stronger and happier. If you have already faced such a problem in your family, when the relationship between the parents deteriorated, then you need to take all measures to preserve it.

Statistics show that more than half of couples face relationship problems after the birth of a child and are ready to divorce. Also, studies have identified the main causes that lead to separation. If you familiarize yourself with them, you can understand how to avoid them and keep them out of your couple.

Criticism of each other.
Unfortunately, people only notice each other’s shortcomings and reproach them. Such a relationship has no respect and ultimately brings more suffering than happiness. Therefore, instead of criticizing each other, you should help fulfill the responsibilities of caring for the child and share responsibility for him. Criticism leads to destruction, insecurity, and anger.

Financial difficulties.
Birth of a child is a serious financial expense, and many couples find themselves in a situation where most of the family budget goes to the child, and the parents cannot afford their usual way of life. Refusal from salons, parties, shopping for clothes, and rest becomes impossible. Partners begin to accuse each other of spending money, and this leads to constant irritation and conflict.

After the birth of a child, one of the parents must leave work for a while to be with the child. All the time this parent is connected with the child’s life and he/she drops out of public life, connections with friends and colleagues decrease, and the person feels abandoned, especially when the second partner does not pay enough attention. To avoid this, agree in advance that each of their partners has a right to their personal life, going to a cafe with friends, visiting salons, and so on. You can replace each other.

While waiting for you to be able to easily adapt to the new life conditions after the birth of a child, you should support each other, share the responsibilities of caring for the child. If you are experiencing any difficulties in the relationship, then discuss them and find a solution. If you understand your needs and express them clearly, then your partner can respond to them. Keeping quiet and hiding your irritation, fatigue, or anxiety can lead to a serious relationship and health problems. If you cannot control the situation, or you do not have the energy to solve problems, then contact a family relations specialist. You have created your family with love, you can safe it. If you are faced with problems, this does not mean that love has passed, perhaps you are simply tired and do not see a way out. Everything can be changed if both partners want it.

To preserve your family and relationships, you just need to take small steps to meet each other every day:

  • talk about your love,
  • focus on the good things in your relationship and your partner’s positive qualities,
  • spend 15 minutes with each other,
  • talk about any topic, not just about the child and problems,
  • share household and childcare responsibilities,
  • plan your financial expenses together.

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