How to conflict properly.


Conflicts are an integral part of any relationship. But depending on your conflict skills, they can have different consequences. You must correctly respond to your dispute so that it goes away without a shout. When one of the partners or both lose their temper, they do not control their words and can injure each other with them. Therefore, if you want to protect your relationship from pain and resentment, learn to manage conflicts.

I warn you that you can never learn to control the anger of another person, but you can learn to control your emotions. Your correct reaction can change the reaction of the partner. Therefore, during a conflict, pay attention to your emotional state. You should learn to understand your emotions and manage them, and you need special techniques that will help you cope with this task. Remember that there are always two sides to the conflict, and if you are calm and own your emotions, the partner will be forced to adjust to your mood.

So, take these techniques and apply them.

Make a pause for a few seconds before saying something. This is a few seconds that will help reduce your anger and you can pick up other words that do not hurt your partner. A different tone and other words can radically change the course of events in your conflict.

Go away.
This advice may seem strange to you, but believe us, it saved many couples from divorce. If you feel that the level of your anger and aggression is very high and you cannot cope with it, the best way out of the situation is to leave for another room or house for several hours. Use this time for a walk that helps you calm down.
Also, you can use other methods to calm your emotions. Your task is to return self-control.

The right moment.
If you want to discuss a difficult problem with your partner, then you should discuss it only when both of you are calm. This way you can receive information better and express your thoughts more clearly. This technique helps you communicate with each other properly.

Some couples have a special day when they talk about complex problems, wishes, and other issues. Once a month, you can meet with your partner and discuss everything that does not suit you in a relationship. It is better for you if you do this not at home, but in a cafe, park or other places.

Physical activity well reduces the level of anger. During exercise, the level of stress and tension decreases, and your nervous system can relax. Thus, your emotional state returns to normal. You can evaluate the situation objectively. You will not have the strength to argue and scream after e exhausting exercises.

Sense of humor.
Your relationship will last long if both partners have a sense of humor. Laughter helps relieve tension and brings people together. Laugh together, joke, fool around. For at least a few minutes a day, become carefree and cheerful. After such minutes, you will not want to conflict.

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