How to destroy the benefits of coffee.


Coffee has many health benefits. Of course, its excessive consumption is harmful, nevertheless, coffee is the most popular drink in the whole world. According to the Coffee Association, 70% of people drink this drink at least once a week, and 62% drink coffee every day.

Although, not all coffee lovers appreciate it for its natural taste. Many of them add various additives to improve the taste of it. Unfortunately, adding various additives reduces the benefits of coffee and can sometimes harm your health.

You can add various additives to coffee but control the quantity and quality of them. Generally, most of the popular coffee supplements are empty calories.

Long-term cream.
As a rule, manufacturers add various synthetic additives to the cream. It can be stored for a long time at any temperature. The most polar of them is sodium phosphate, which leads to disruption of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, and bones.
Synthetic sweeteners.
If you are trying to reduce your sugar intake by replacing them with synthetic sweeteners, you are making a mistake. They contain a lot of calories and harmful chemicals.
Flavored syrups are significantly higher in calories than regular milk and sugar. They also contain dangerous additives, flavors, and palm oil, which are associated with high cholesterol levels and indigestion.
Condensed milk.
It is a high-calorie food that contains a lot of sugar. By adding it to coffee, you create a high-calorie drink that increases blood sugar and gains extra pounds.

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