How to enjoy running.


You already know that running has a positive effect on the emotional and physical condition of a person. Studies show running is very important for longevity. But what about people who simply hate waking up early in the morning, putting on sneakers and going outside? The first week they can force themselves to run, but every day their motivation becomes less and less. And these are not isolated cases when people do not like running. In this case, there are two scenarios. One of them is to forget about running and sleep peacefully. At the same time, you will not improve your health. And another option is to find strong motivation. When you enjoy running it brings you a better result and with time it becomes like a habit.

1.  Listen to your biological clock. Morning jogging is not for everyone. But, this does not mean that you must give up running. You can run at any time convenient for you. Some people prefer to run in the evening after work. Jogging in the evening brings not only physical benefits but also relieves stress well. Also, you need to decide on the type of run. Listen to your body and it will tell you if it likes to run on a treadmill, or in a park. Or you might like to use interval runs alternating them with other types of training.

2. Find a companion. If you are a friendly person, open to new acquaintances, and then running is the best way to find new friends. Go to the park where the runners hang out and join them. If you love to spend time alone and calmly, then it is enough for you to take one friend and run with him in comfortable silence. A dog can be a good running companion. You get a double shot when running with a dog. You strengthen your body and walk the dog. Young parents should not stay at home, too. Take the stroller with your child and go to the park. By pushing a stroller in front of you, you can run.

3. Buying a beautiful and comfortable sports uniform. Go to the store and buy yourself new clothes and running shoes. Choose what suits right for you. The main task of sports uniforms is to give you comfort. Pay special attention to sneakers. If you choose uncomfortable shoes, then you cannot run for a long time. Your legs quickly get tired or corns can appear, and in the end, you will give up jogging.

4. Start running regardless of your fitness level. Do not wait for you to become stronger or more enduring after other sports. Get involved right now. Start with easy runs over short distances and increase the time and distance over time. Your cardiovascular system adapts with time and running becomes easier and easier every week. Each sport has its sphere of influence on the body; therefore, one kind cannot be replaced by another. You can continue to enjoy the sport that pleases you; just add a run to your workout schedule.

5. Listen your body signals. Running will work out the muscles of the legs and hips very intensively. Therefore, it is natural that during or after a run you feel pain. But, it should be the right pain. If you feel that your joints hurt during a run or you feel discomfort in different parts of the body, then you need to stop running. Go to the doctor and find out the cause of the pain. After treatment and the doctor’s permission, you may return to light runs.

During running, sometimes muscle cramps occur. If this happens to you, stop and massaging the cramped muscle or click on the trigger point. When the pain is gone, keep running but at a very slowly. This increases blood flow and the pain goes away. If cramping is repeated very often, then this is a signal that your body is not working properly and you need to find the cause.

Care about your body and all kinds of sports can bring you benefit and pleasure.

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