How to maintain the correct habits during the quarantine period.


All of these safety precautions related to the coronavirus pandemic have contributed to the daily routine. It is necessary to adhere to all the rules and recommendations, but this is not a reason to abandon training and proper nutrition. Quarantine does not give you the right to eat the wrong food and to stay inactive. We do not encourage you to go to the gym or the store. You can remain isolated and lead a habitual life. Noom will help you with this.

During an epidemic, it is important to maintain health in the body. Training and the right healthy foods will help you maintain your health and cope with any challenges. By joining Noom you get step-by-step instructions on how to maintain or improve your health.

After registration in Noom, you need to answer questions honestly, because it helps to reveal the true present situation with your body and find the appropriate plan for training and nutrition. Each of us is different and it is not correct to use one program for all. Noom takes into account your state of health, your wishes and develops a unique program for you. It will not suit your friend or partner.

After registering in Noom, you get not only training , but you get community support. If at some point you feel insecure or want to return to bad habits, other members of the community and professional specialists will give you support. This will allow you to go through difficult moments and not give up at the beginning of the journey.

Specialists will be able to give you qualified answers to any of your questions related to nutrition, training, psychological state and others. You do not need to leave your house, all this you get while being in a safe place.

It is not known how long quarantine and restriction of visits to public places will last. You probably do not want to spend this time inactive. You can stay active with the help of the Noom community. You communicate, exercise and eat right. A society that understands you and your problems can become your second home and you will not feel isolated. You can try two free weeks and see if life suits you according to the principles of Noom. If not, then this is just two weeks. Moreover, if you like it, you can buy a membership in the community and find like-minded people who will become your support even in a more stable time.

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