How to motivate a child to eat healthy food.


It is very important to monitor your diet during the quarantine. Nevertheless, there are still people who need your care, and you need to pay attention to what they eat. No, it is not husbands or your parents. They are adults and can make the right decisions about the diet themselves. Nevertheless, your children are a vulnerable link. Under the influence of advertising or friends, they prefer fast food that does not benefit them and only harms their small bodies. We understand that getting children to eat broccoli is stressful. Many parents get tired of fighting with their children and admit defeat by allowing them to eat junk food. We understand them, but honestly, it is not a solution to the problem. As various studies show, fast food and an unbalanced diet of a child can cause various psychological problems, including depression, increased anxiety and some types of schizophrenia. Therefore, we offer you some tips on how you can teach your child to eat the right healthy food without applying harsh measures of influence.

The habit of eating the right healthy food will help your child cope with various psychological problems in the future and even reduce the risk of suicidal desire. The problem of suicide among adolescents is one of the most important problems of the modern community.
Taste preferences are not determined by the genetic code and are formed throughout life, so you can change them.

Set an example for your child.
Are you sure that your children will eat broccoli while you eat chips? Children are our reflection. Therefore, if you want your children to eat healthy food, the whole family must adhere to the rules of a healthy diet.
Take children to buy healthy food and cook with them together. The child involved in the process has more interest to result. No need to force a child to eat large quantities of vegetables and refuse harmful products in one day. Introduce the changes gradually and gently without injuring the psyche of the child.

Create a family tradition.
Children are very fond of when all family members get together in a relaxed atmosphere. You can make a joint dinner of healthy foods, for which the whole family eats only healthy foods. You can cook it together. Thus, the children use to eat the right foods every evening, while they receive positive emotions. Note that you do not need to tell the child that the right food will help you lose weight or become more beautiful. Therefore, you can formulate a child’s negative relationship with food. Moreover, this can turn into a problem like anorexia or other psychological abnormalities.

The amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates in your child’s diet should be minimal.
Unfortunately, children are very fond of various pizzas, pasta, sausages, cereal for breakfast. These are all foods that contain a lot of sugar and refined grains. This is not the healthiest food. Try to replace such products with more useful ones, such as pasta and bread from whole grain flour, various cereals, fruits, and nuts. Eliminate sweet soda and replace it with natural freshly squeezed juices.

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