Why do not kids and teenagers want to read books?


Unfortunately, modern children and adolescents refuse to read books, preferring social networks. This trend exists in all countries of the world. The rapid development of the entertainment industry has become one of the reasons for the decline in interest in reading among the younger generation. Also, recent opinion polls show that interest in reading has declined even among people with higher education.

Reading gives children the opportunity to gain new knowledge, acquire self-education skills, get an idea of the world, get to know nature and the world around them. Reading forms the neural connections that affect the life of any person.

Reading helps develop imagination and fantasy. The child learns to experience different feelings that he can understand throughout his life.

Мore and more often we hear that children have begun to read less. By the age of 14-15, children spend time with gadgets and do not even want to think about books.

It should be noted that children who grow up surrounded by books can have an interest in books at any age. Also, parents’ example plays an important role. Typically, if parents are spending their evenings on social media or watching television, children are unlikely to have a love of reading. Also, the modern school curriculum does not motivate children to read. It is structured in such a way that the Internet is the main source of information for children. If we want our children to love reading, we need to determine the reason for not wanting to pick up a book.

If this is boredom, we can find out the preferences of the kids and offer them a book that will give them positive emotions. Also, we must set the right example for our children. Buy literature according to their interests. We can read it together. Children love doing things with their parents, so reading together can be a good family tradition for you. Also, we can read before bed. For this, just a few pages of an interesting story that will bring you closer to the child is enough.
We should go to the bookstore together and buy not the books that we like and think the child will be interested in, but those that will arouse their interest.

Note that children love to look at pictures. Therefore, buy them books with beautiful pictures that will be interesting for children. Of course, such books are suitable only for young children. Teenagers do not pay attention to pictures; the theme and plot are important to them much more.

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