How to recognize a bad trainer.


Training with a personal trainer increases the effectiveness of the workout several times. Regardless of whether you work with trainers in the gym or online, their task is to choose the right workouts for you and control the technique of exercises. A good trainer helps you achieve results quickly without harming your health. But despite a large number of trainers, finding a professional is a rather difficult task. Therefore, if you decide to entrust the shape of your body to a trainer, choose it responsibly and do not be afraid to ask him/her about their qualifications. You are responsible for your body and health, so you should trust to just professionals.
As practice shows, many trainers give false information to their clients, which can reduce the effectiveness of training or harm their health.

Many videos on YouTube are created by amateur people who do not know anything about the rules of workout and the right lifestyle. They have the goal which is to gain the number of views and increase the number of subscribers. They do not care about your health. Therefore, never use such videos to improve your body. As a result, you will get injured and spend a lot of time on restoration.

Even if the trainer has a certificate confirming his/ her right to work as a trainer, this does not mean his/her professionalism. Nowadays, they can get a trainer certificate by completing weekly courses online. Such training does not provide the necessary knowledge.

We do not scare you to refuse to work with a trainer. There are a lot of qualified and professional trainers. You need to learn to distinguish who is an amateur or a professional in front of you. We suggest you familiarize yourself with some criteria, thanks to which you can understand whether it is worth working with this trainer or better to get away from him/her quickly.

Characteristics of bad trainers:
They trying to sell you supplements.
If your trainer assures you that without supplements you cannot create a beautiful body and increase muscle mass, then this is not your trainer. There must be a need for their use for health reasons to include supplements in your diet. A good trainer will be aware that the uncontrolled intake of supplements leads to metabolic disturbances, and good nutrition is much more effective than supplements. Especially dangerous are those trainers who sell these supplements themselves. As a rule, their goal is to make money, and the quality of these supplements is in doubt.

Not the right motivation.
The good trainers know that from time to time their clients lose their motivation to take sports up. Therefore, their task is to increase this motivation and show the client the benefits of sport. But many trainers use a rather crude method. They begin to tell the clients that they should work more because their bodies are fat, that they are lazy, or that they don’t do enough exercise. Maybe there are people whom this motivates, but we have not met such people. A good trainer shows you your achievements and assures you that training helps you become healthier in the first place.

They use only one type of training.
If your workouts are monotonous and boring then you have chosen a bad trainer. Many training options are aimed at working out different muscle groups. Each of them affects your body differently. Therefore, varieties of workouts are needed to make workouts more effective. The same stretching exercises for a long period will not bring the desired result. Muscles adapt quickly, and they become not affected.

The trainer does not increase the load.
If your workouts go only at one pace, it says that your trainer does not understand that the intensity should change. Your workouts should be tailored to your abilities. You should work at the maximum of your capabilities during the workout. If the first week you could do 10 sets of two rounds, then next week your trainer should increase the load, and you should do three circles or more sets.

The trainer focuses only on weight loss.
A good trainer knows that improper weight loss is due to muscle mass. Therefore, to lose weight correctly, you must increase muscle. Then the process of burning fat occurs faster and the body takes on beautiful form. Therefore, a good trainer asks about your nutrition system and may recommend ways to improve it so that your muscles grow faster. Also, a good trainer alternates cardio workout with strength training so that the metabolic process improves, and your fat burns faster.

Work only on muscle enlargement.
Work only with weights and lack of cardio load indicates the incompetence of the trainer, too. If you don’t plan to participate in bodybuilding competitions, then you do not need a lot of this type of workout. You can do several sets of weights, but they should be a small part of your workout.

Quick result.
If your trainer claims that in two weeks you will achieve a result and lose 20 pounds, then leave him/her. A professional trainer knows that a healthy way to lose weight and acquire a beautiful shape of your body is a process that takes time and patience. Fast results are achieved using unhealthy methods that harm your health.

They work with only one area of your body.
Each of us has a part of our body that wants to improve. Some trainers give exercises only on this part of the body and do not pay attention to all muscle groups. Only a bad coach gives the load locally. A professional knows that it is necessary to work out all muscle groups so that your body has a beautiful shape.

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