How to resist a manipulator.


Manipulation is an integral part of any person. At the same time, each of you uses manipulations and gives in to them during the day. In most cases, people do not realize that they are using manipulation techniques to achieve their goals. But many people know all the intricacies of this game and use it as a way to achieve their goal despite the feelings of other people.

A person unconsciously manipulates from an early age and uses the simplest methods of manipulation as tears, screams, and so on. Children try to manipulate their parents to get what they want. But, this happens unconsciously, and over time, a person learns to achieve their goals using other methods. However, manipulation remains in their lives, although they use it unconsciously.

But many people in the world try to deliberately influence people using dishonest methods. As a rule, such people achieve their goals with the help of their energy. Therefore, after communicating with them, you experience various negative states:

  • resentment or guilt;
  • shame or discomfort;
  • fatigue.

The manipulator controls you and the situation through oppressive feelings. You need to remember that the words of the manipulator have no real meaning and that this is only his fictional story that does not concern you. Indifference is the main weapon against the manipulator.

The most common kind of manipulations and ways to deal with them.

Constant gratuitous praise is a technique manipulators use to gain your affection. People with low self-esteem can believe such words and become dependent on the person who praises them constantly. But over time, the manipulator begins to add criticism, hiding it behind beautiful words. As a result, you begin to doubt yourself even more and try to win the approval of the manipulator. You should remember that the person who compliments too many for no particular reason is pursuing their interests.

Feelings of guilt make you vulnerable. Therefore, manipulators often create situations in which you experience this feeling. For example, they can use their illness or problems to get you to do what they want. You cannot ignore them in a difficult situation, so you agree to fulfill any of their requests.
Emotional pressure.
In a state of emotional outburst, you cannot make an adequate decision. Therefore, manipulators know this technique and create conditions so that you do not have time to think. They can intimidate you or promise great joy. But, if you understand that you are not given a chance to think and make a decision, this means that you are being manipulated. You must say that you need time to make a decision.
The victim’s condition.
Many people live in a victim state for many years. They want to cry out about pity so that everyone can take care of them. This is a subtle manipulation that benefits the victim. They can demand increased attention to themselves and force others to do what the victim wants. Such people use such a game deliberately. If you refuse them, they turn into an angry beast, which is ready to tear to pieces everyone who gets in its way.
Wrong moment.
When you are tired or very busy, you lose your guard. At this point, your brain cannot react quickly, which creates the ideal conditions for a manipulator. Any request will be granted because your brain suggests the fastest and easiest solution. It knows that if you start to argue, it can lead to an argument, and your brain is mouth and wants peace at this moment. Try to make only deliberate decisions so that later you do not get into awkward situations.

Unfortunately, only a self-confident person with developed emotional intelligence can recognize a manipulator and find ways to counteract him. Therefore, you should learn to understand your emotions so as not to fall under the influence of other people.

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