How to stay slim after 40


Many people who cross the age threshold of 40  notice that their weight increases even though they did not increase the calorie content of their food. Unfortunately, when you get older, your metabolism slows down, and fats accumulate faster.

But this does not mean that you lost the chance to be slim after 40 years. If you want to keep your body in good physical shape, then you should make a few changes in your lifestyle.

Save your muscles.
Muscles can lose their mass with age, which leads to a decrease in metabolic processes and the accumulation of fat on your body. To avoid this situation, you should use workouts that develop muscle mass. You can use dumbbells or exercise machines. Yoga, Pilates can help you, too. Choose what you like the most and train with joy.

An adequate amount of protein.
Do you want your muscles not to lose their shape? Then eat a protein food, which is the main building material of your muscles. Protein helps to satisfy hunger and takes longer to digest in the body than carbohydrates, so you don’t feel hungry for hours, which means you do not overeat.

Don’t forget to drink water.
Water helps all of your body’s systems to function properly. Not having enough water can slow down metabolic processes, and your body begins to store energy. Moreover, people often confuse thirst with hunger. If you are feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water at the first sign of hunger. If you are hungry then the feeling of hunger will not disappear after a glass of water, but if you are thirsty then water will help you cope with this feeling and will not allow you to overeat.

Boost your metabolism.
If you want to prevent fat from accumulating on your body then help your body. You can support your metabolism with the right diet. You should eat small meals every 3 hours. Hunger lowers metabolism, so never use a diet for weight loss. Diets give a temporary effect after which the weight returns, and a few extra pounds come with it.

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