How to support spinal health.


The spine is the foundation of our body, which with age loses its flexibility and mobility. As a result of an improper and sedentary lifestyle, intervertebral and intradiscal hernias appear, and disks are displaced. All this is accompanied by pain, and some diseases of the spine can put you to bed for several months or years. The older we get, the harder our spine stays in good shape. No one wants to be a weak old person who needs someone’s help even to eat.

Therefore, if you want to meet old age active and healthy, monitor the condition of your spine and take measures that will help it stay healthy for many years.

The spine is stressed like all systems and organs of our body. As a result, disc degeneration and narrowing of the spinal canal can occur. The liquid between the vertebrae decreases or disappears and the vertebrae begin to rub against each other. It causes pain and discomfort when moving.

If you notice that your back, legs hurt, you cannot stand still, or other symptoms, then you need to see a doctor. Diseases of the spine lead to serious consequences.

Many ignore such a disease as scoliosis in children and take no action considering it to be only a visual defect. But not the correct position of the spine affects the location of all organs in the body. Incorrect location leads to various diseases. And you treat the liver or intestines without realizing that your spine is the first cause of their disease.

Experts shared some recommendations that must be observed to keep the spine healthy for years to come.

Take care of your posture.
You should always hold a back straight, even if no one sees you. Whatever you do, keep an eye on your back. In this case, your abdominal muscles should be tensed, and the tailbone is directed forward. The back and tailbone are on the same line as if through your body there is a straight thread that makes you keep your back straight. Shoulders should be lowered and directed a little back. You must understand that incorrect posture leads to compression of nerves between the vertebrae. This can cause back pain and poor circulation.

Include back exercises in your workout or do special exercises for the spine at least twice a week. If you are a beginner athlete, then do not use large weights to work with muscles, start with simple exercises with your body weight.

Some exercises to relieve spasms of the back muscles are:
Shaking. Shaking your small legs, shake your torso causing your vertebrae to line up in a straight line.
Twisting in different versions stretches the back muscles well and makes them stronger.
Exercises such as “bridge”, “cat”, “help develop flexibility and mobility of the spine.
Lying on the gym ball.
Lie on the ball with your back, put your feet on the floor and throw your hands behind your head. Your body should lie on a ball. This exercise allows you to stretch the spine and return all the vertebrae to their place.

Controle your weight.
A lot of weight puts a strain on your spine and the vertebrae begin to shift under pressure. Therefore, if you have extra pounds, try to get rid of them using a healthy way.

Back pain can occur due to circulatory disorders in the back. This problem can be solved with the help of a massage. You should go to a specialist who can do the right message. Massage once a week is a good prevention of back pain.

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