How to understand that it’s time to quit.


Most of us spend most of our time at work every day. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky, and some of us experience job dissatisfaction. Work affects our mental health, so work mustn’t cause a lot of stress. Many of you have probably thought about changing jobs at least once. The reason for this decision may be different for everyone. But as a rule, this is a lack of development, low salaries, constant stress, and even bad relations with management and colleagues.

As a rule, the decision to quit comes gradually. Whatever reason prompted you to make this decision, this is a serious step, which is difficult to take. Sometimes some people think about such a step for years and cannot decide. But one day their patience runs out, and they decide to change something in their life.

If you think that all your feelings and claims do not make sense, that this is just your whim, then take a look at our list of reasons that indicate that it is time for you to quit. If even one point is present in your life, then this is a signal that it is time for you to start developing a strategy for dismissal.

You are disgusted with your job.
Everyone does not want to get up early and go to work. This does not mean that you need to leave your job and stay at home. What we mean is that you cannot force yourself to go to work. Every day you experience negative emotions from the very thought of work. Sometimes your body may feel uncomfortable and signal to you that you are in an uncomfortable environment. If you are constantly in this state, then you have better find another kind of activity.

The job leaves you no time to live.
Work is not everything that makes up your life. You have other hobbies, want to spend time with friends and family, travel or play sports. If you are deprived of all this because of your job, then maybe you should consider dismissal. The work is not worth such sacrifices. Any person needs to be able to spend time as he/she wants. Constantly at work takes your life away. Therefore, you can quit, and you will still have time to enjoy all the delights of life.

You are not developing.
Movement is the essence of life. If you are tired of the routine and monotonous lifestyle, and you want to learn something new, then you need to go beyond your comfort zone.
The drive to grow is a natural urge in your mind. If you are stuck in one place and do not develop, this is reflected in your mental health. Also, perhaps you have outgrown your position and understand that you can achieve more. If you do not pay attention to your needs then it leads to health problems, too.

Even money doesn’t motivate you.
You need to admit to yourself that the main motivation to work is money. Therefore, if you notice that even it doe not motivate you to go to work, then this is a signal that it is time for you to change your life. Also, scientists have found that individuals who are interested in the development of the company and feel useful at work, bring better results, and feel satisfaction from the work.
Your decision should be rational, perhaps you should not quit a well-paid job, you just need to learn to see the meaning of your work. But if your heart does not lie in what you do, the money will not save the condition.

Fear of the unknown is the main reason why people tend to stay in their old job and do not want to change anything. People are afraid to make the wrong decision that will affect their lives. Therefore, they refuse to try something new and remain in an unloved job that takes more than it gives. If you overcome doubt and fear, you will see new opportunities. You must calm your fears and have the courage to choose the right path.

These signs are just a guide. The correct decision depends only on you. Listen to your desires and assess your capabilities. Before you quit, you should know what will be the source of your money in the future. Therefore, make your decision carefully.

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