Intimate surgery: types and reasons for use.


After the appearance of the Internet and the imposition of beauty standards by various bloggers, many people comparing themselves to them and begin to experience discomfort and self-doubt. Unfortunately, comparison leads to psychological problems and affects your sex life.

Men and women look for flaws in their bodies and, even though they do not pose a health danger, they poison their lives. Genital imperfections can be a psychological barrier to relaxation and pleasure in the intimate sphere.

Often, both women and men experience discomfort and complexes due to the shape or size of the genitals. The development of plastic surgery makes it possible to regain self-confidence and get rid of dissatisfaction with your body. As a result, you get the body of your dreams and bring back the joy of your sex life.

Intimate plastic can improve the situation. Plastic surgeons use modern surgical and non-surgical techniques to help you regain your sexuality and improve your intimate life.

With the help of intimate plastic surgery specialists, you can even get rid of congenital defects of your genitals. If you are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of your genitals, you should consult a specialist and he/she will select a method for you that will restore the structure and function or improve the appearance of your genitals.

Unfortunately, very often the need for intimate plastic surgery is caused by a physical disability of the genitals, which causes physical discomfort. Therefore, the reasons why people turn to plastic surgeons can be not only an aesthetic defect. As a rule, doctors recommend performing intimate plastic surgery for people who have:

  • physical pathologies of the genital organs;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • deformation of the genitalia ;
  • feeling of discomfort during intimacy;
  • age-related changes in genitalia.

Regardless of the causes of genital defects, they all bring not only physical but also psychological dissatisfaction. Genital plastic surgery is your chance to bring sexuality and self-confidence back into your life.

The development of medicine and technology modern plastic surgeons doctors use the safest and most traumatic methods. Your main task is to find a professional whom you can trust. Therefore, before deciding on an intimate plastic surgery, study the information about the doctor and clinic. Only after making sure of his professionalism you can trust him/her your problems.
A professional plastic surgeon selects the method of anesthesia and the type of surgical intervention individually for each patient.

Types of intimate plastics for women

Reconstruction of the hymen
Despite the sexual revolution, many men expect their women to be virgins. Various cultures and religions condemn the loss of virginity before the marriage. Therefore, a woman is forced to resort to the help of a surgeon and restore her hymen so as not to be condemned by society. Fortunately, this is the simplest intimate plastic surgery, which is performed without general anesthesia and the recovery period does not take much time.

Vaginal plastic
Women often experience vaginal enlargement, which reduces their sensitivity and impairs their sex life. In such cases, your doctor may recommend an intimate plastic surgery to reduce the vagina using a thread lift or contouring.

Change in the appearance of the labia
If you are worried about the aesthetic appearance of your labia, or if you have hypertrophy, asymmetry, or atrophy, then you can seek the help of a plastic surgeon. At the same time, depending on the level of your problem, the doctor can use both an operative method and a non-surgical one, that is, with correction of the labia using injections.

Improving the sensitivity of the clitoris
Lack of orgasm can bring great discomfort to a woman’s life. The reason for the lack of orgasm can be the size of the clitoris or a large number of folds on it. The doctor can use the excision method to shrink the clitoris, and non-surgical methods can be used for enlargement.

Types of intimate plastic surgery for men

Plastic surgery of the foreskin
Removal of the foreskin leads to a narrowing of the opening of the foreskin. This operation is recommended for men to improve the hygiene of the penis, as well as for some men who experience physical discomfort from excess flesh.

Penis enlargement
This operation has no medical indications as the size of the penis does not bring any physical discomfort to the man. Men go to this operation out of personal beliefs and stereotypes. Nevertheless, this operation is very popular and successful among men.

Prosthetics of the testicle
Sometimes, for various reasons, a man can lose a testicle or it atrophies. This brings mental discomfort to the man and he can correct the situation by contacting a plastic surgeon. By performing the prosthetics of the testicle, the doctor returns the natural appearance of the scrotum and the patient’s self-confidence.

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