Is money important to a relationship?


Money is not important to love. Do you really think so? Then you will be disappointed because after the euphoria from the first dates passes and you begin to live with your partner, you will see that money is as much an important part of your relationship as trust, sex, and the time you spend together.

If one of these parts does not satisfy you, then this can lead to separation and divorce. Money takes part in your life, energy, and nerves. To make money you invest your resources, and you do not have enough strength and energy for other parts of your life. A partner may feel lonely and not understand you. Therefore, look at your life and analyze whether all parts of your life are developing harmoniously, and ask yourself you pay enough attention to your partner or not.

The principals of the modern world require us to be successful and wealthy. People forget about everything in the race for money. This obsession leads to health problems and harms relationships. People’s thoughts are aimed at finding sources of income, and they don’t want to pay attention to what does not bring money.

On the other hand, the lack of money can lead to the destruction of relations. Dissatisfaction with the financial situation causes quarrels and pretensions to his partner.

Often partners quarrel over different views on spending money.

This can be avoided by talking to the partner and discussing how you will keep the family budget.

At the beginning of your relationship, you should discuss who will keep the budget, what percentage of the money each of you invests in the joint budget.

You should discuss the serious purchases you plan to make.

Once a month, study your expenses and income together. So you will know about the state of your budget.

If you want to make some purchase, which is expensive for your family, then talk with your partner and tell him/her about your desire. Together you can find an opportunity to allocate this money without harming your financial condition.

Often one partner makes more money and the other partner may be uncomfortable with this. Tell your partner about your thoughts. You must understand that there is nothing wrong with the fact that someone is more successful. Family is not a place to compete. You live together to give your friend joy and not to prove who is better.

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